Ningbo, a man was killed by a wasp sting bite sting do not scratch the wound

Ningbo, a man was killed by a wasp sting bite sting do not scratch the wound every 9-11 months is the breeding colony, the hive can reach a diameter of 50 cm, lived about 500-1000 wasp. When close to the hive, the wasp will think enemy invasion and attack, sting, sting appeared dead accident. Such a tragedy happened recently, Yan Zhen Zhu Lin Cun Ningbo, Fenghua a man was killed by a wasp sting. At noon on October 27th, the 53 year old Liu came to the mountain area of Xinchang county Cai Ao village under, unexpectedly was wasp stings. The reporter learned from insiders, Ryu was no protective measures by the wasp sting bite run 100 meters, close to the village to become unconscious. The police immediately found near the village, Xinchang police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene, after a preliminary examination, confirmed that Liu was a wasp sting bite after death. Folk known as the "three wasp top tiger", a wasp sting dead is not alarmist. Reporters yesterday from the city people’s Hospital learned that in recent years the bee stings patients increased year by year, especially in the summer two season. Deputy director of the Department of general surgery physician Cao Bin told reporters, shortly before the department just cure a patient is wasp stings. "The man and the friend play by wasp attack to the field, has been sent to the hospital when the shock, thanks to the timely rescue was out of danger." Cao Bin said, the hornet’s bright color, the smell of sweat, taste, sweet flavor, smell or special items, is extremely sensitive to human or animal and running activities. So when you go out to play, do not wear beautiful clothes, women do not spray perfume. Was a wasp sting, will affect the body’s blood circulation, nerve function, can cause inflammation of the body, can cause severe allergic shock, multiple organ failure, life threatening. It was a wasp sting or attack, the first time how to save themselves? With 30 years of beekeeping experience of Mao Yujun told reporters, don’t run, not to repeatedly beat, the best way is to as soon as possible with the clothes on head and neck and other exposed parts, crouching motionless or drops to the ground. "Once the wasp stings, can be found in the vicinity of the moss wiping wound. If you have to soak with vinegar, moss wound effect is better." Mao Yujun said. In addition, with its roots, Calla "squeezed inside the slurry, daub cut, can also play a detoxification analgesic effect. Beekeepers in these years, he used these two methods not only help to defuse the crisis, has also helped many wasp sting people. "The wasp sting, do not scratch the wound, but can not squeeze, because it is easy to accelerate the speed of toxins absorbed by human body." Cao Bin school to remind the public that if there was a wasp sting injury headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, should be immediately sent to hospital for emergency treatment, do not delay, so as not to delay the best treatment time.相关的主题文章: