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New year’s Day outbound travel planning haggard day tour to help you GET air ticket destination – Sohu travel 2017 New Year’s Day holiday finally began to enter the countdown! Whether you are forced to work overtime late into the night every day of work, or by all kinds of examinations, homework and research students, the party suffering injured all over the body or love free, fully equipped senior friends of the trip at the beginning of the new year, so they put themselves in the hands of a journey to the place to experience the wonderful scenery or a a memorable gluttonous, to feel the poetic, relaxed mind. But the problem is, if not so much money, how to go out to play? Choose where the most fun? What is there to experience? If you want to travel by car, where to rent a car of high cost? Cheap tickets to the hotel where to find ah? Don’t worry! Patrol brother has a App (day tour Skyscanner), just a little bit, you can GET super reserve tickets and super fun destination. The day tour APP, never ever have to worry about your travel! Short hot tourism market of Thailand Island walk up patrol brother recently according to the big data platform, summed up a eleven golden week outbound report, found that the top ten hot search destinations, travel destination countries accounted for 7 Thailand, which occupies the first place; moreover, influenced by refugees, turmoil and terrorist attack, European countries outbound destination heat declined, Britain, France and Germany fell by nearly 50%, of which Turkey not only fell out of the top ten list, and the most obvious decline degree, more than 75%. The above data are for reference only, friends take into account where the new year’s day. In fact, the tour is more inclined to short distance and visa free cities, countries, one is near, convenient, two is to save money, the most important thing is to do a visa is really troublesome, so the smart patrol brother decisively chose to sign a free country! If you do not know what countries free of charge, then the day patrol APP has signed free sign query function, we can refer to the picture. Intimate features to give you a tour guide to take you to go with you if you still do not know where to go, you can open the tour brother APP search, there are super super intimate travel inspiration. This is the inspiration, brother made a survey of all round the clock, summed up the different regions, different seasons, recommended for different groups of travel inspiration. The use of ultra convenient, just a little, they can enjoy the land! Now is the best time to buy tickets it quickly before the best brother tour booking area did Chinese prime time a statistical analysis, found that the earlier the ordering tickets, enjoy the benefits of greater intensity, but also can choose the favorite airline. But now is to buy new year holiday tickets from the prime time, so roll up their sleeves to start booking, seize the best opportunity to buy yo high price ticket price! APP on the day of the tour set up a lot of ticket price function – fuzzy search function, any destination function, as well as price changes to remind the function, you can choose to buy ultra high price! Here, only a month to patrol brother!相关的主题文章: