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"New Horizons" director Alan Stern: to explore Pluto day hard but proud – technology Sohu yesterday, Tencent in the WE conference, "new horizons for Alan Stern in a speech about the" new horizons flyby of Pluto’s story behind. 4 billion 800 million km flight. We spent 9 and a half years on pluto. "New Horizons" is the head and chief scientist Alan Stern said. In the speech, referring to his team was selected to complete the task of NASA flyby Pluto, Alan Stern’s face is proud and excited. In July 15, 2015, NASA announced that the New Horizons spacecraft has successfully completed the human to Pluto’s first close flyby missions, this also means that the history of mankind finally detect a planet mission is accomplished. Until the end of October this year, the time in the past 1 years, "the survey data of new horizons flyby of Pluto finally all back to earth. So far, in the past 15 months, the new horizons collected data on the total number of Pluto in the more than and 400 installment, more than 50GB, an important milestone. The researchers said that these data and image information is expected to change people’s understanding of the Pluto system. In 2006, for example, Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, and the image information transmitted by the new horizons is likely to prove that it was wrong in the past. At the end of 1990s, NASA has proposed a "Pluto Kuiper express?" plan, but due to lack of funds and other reasons, and ultimately canceled. But after that, the Planetary Society launched a "save Pluto plan" movement, NASA proposed a solution under pressure, required to do the task team to explore Pluto can do two things: one is to reach Pluto in 2015 two, is the development cost no more than $500 million. At that time, NASA was doing this kind of competition, at that time a total of 5 teams in the competition, "New Horizons" is one of them. I have almost a thousand pages of design, as well as our management, cost planning, and finally our team was selected by NASA, "New Horizons" to become the only team to perform tasks. But after taking off the mission to Pluto, Alan Stern and his team encountered more difficulties and challenges. When I got this project, many of my colleagues told me it was impossible. They told me you won, but you failed again, and it’s hard to reach Pluto under these conditions. "New Horizons" encountered difficulties mainly from two aspects, one is the time set by NASA, and the other is the funding problem. Alan Stern explained that the Voyager took 12 years to complete the design, construction and other work, and "New Horizons" only相关的主题文章: