New airport north line high-speed start actv

The new airport north line high-speed start in Beijing morning news (reporter Cao Jingrui) the new airport project supporting the new airport north line highway has entered the EIA phase, is expected to start construction during the year. EIA report shows that the new airport will speed up the north line of Beijing high-speed, the new airport and the Beijing Tianjin high-speed railway, such as the surrounding main vertical highway series. The New Airport North Line Expressway West Beijing Kaifeng expressway, East Beijing Taipei expressway, about 14.8 km. According to the plan, the new airport north line speed of the future construction difficulty is relatively large, continuous span or wear a number of traffic artery: from east Huang FA village on the north side of farmland after wear Huang FA nursery east to the Beijing Kowloon Railway west station in the south of pear, pear station will cross the Beijing Kowloon Railway; on the cross at the two trunk, and will wear in the corridor route; in the East White Tuan Village on the north side, the span of planning in the north and South terminal contact line; along the route planning of new city construction land north of the world continues to the East, will have to wear under the planning of new airport expressway, Beijing Kowloon Railway Passenger Dedicated Line, new the airport rail line, and on the road, the green cross magnetic Li Lu; along the route of the Rhenish town planning movements of the housing land north through the East continue to cross the highway to Beijing and Taiwan end point. It is reported that the highway will be designed according to the standard, the road red line width of 100 meters, up to four on the next 8 lanes, the design speed of 120 km. The new airport north line speed from west to east to Beijing airport high-speed, high-speed and will soon start building under construction in Beijing high-speed series. This means that the future of these three north-south highway, the airport will be able to connect each other through the North line. According to the previous news, the future, the new airport will be extended to the north line high-speed Beijing Shanghai high-speed and high-speed Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao conditions. According to the plan, the new airport north line high-speed plan to start at the end of this year, opened to traffic by the end of 2018. In addition, the concern is, according to the plan, be on new airport north line Jingkaigaosu from six to a city circle ring will widen; Beijing Beijing high-speed section is accelerating the construction, strive to the end of this year completed the opening of the new airport expressway; just recently came the news that the current is early the work, and strive for an early start, and the new airport terminal with synchronous switching.相关的主题文章: