Nanchang intends to be transferred to the primary school class at 830 nearly 90% voters in favor – C

Nanchang intends to adjust the primary school class time is 8:30 – nearly 90% of voters in favor of Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanchang September 23rd news (reporter Wu Huiying) Nanchang Municipal Education Bureau recently launched the "network voting students morning class time to adjust to 8:30, by nearly 90% votes cast in favor of. "In order to ensure adequate sleep time of pupils, and effectively reduce the academic burden on students, the city’s primary school to the morning class time to adjust for 8:30, each school schedule to make corresponding adjustments according to their own situation; a difficult family, parents can be appropriate in advance to send the child class, the teacher on duty arrangements by the school management; unchanged afternoon rest time." Nanchang City Bureau of education, 20, released this information on the official website, and through the Internet voting, solicit opinions from the community. Nanchang City Education Bureau relevant responsible person said that the current Nanchang city primary school morning class time is 8 hours 05 minutes, the reason for the introduction of primary school class time adjustment vote, because in recent years the city of Nanchang has more than CPPCC members have submitted proposals to adjust primary school schedule, and a long delayed morning class time requirements strong voice. "Before we have been to the education departments of counties to solicit opinions, district education authorities within the jurisdiction of counties in the primary school to solicit opinions." Nanchang City Education Bureau relevant responsible person said, Education Department of Nanchang city each district, the development zone will agree to the primary school class time to 8:30, most schools and teachers are in favor of adjustment for 8:30. "For the sake of caution, we are open to the public for comments." In the voting platform, most of the parents to adjust the message class time agreed, the main reasons include the students can have enough sleep and breakfast time, respect for the law, physical and mental development of students is conducive to ease rush hour traffic pressure. "My wife and I work every morning to get up." Three grade primary school parents Wang Haoyang said, the child is not to get up at 7 every morning, or you have to be late. If you can go to school until 8:30, there is plenty of time. But there are also parents and students think that the main reason is the lack of sleep students too much homework, postpone school time only palliatives, the key is to reduce school homework, reduce the study burden on pupils. In addition, the parents of high school students believe that the same compulsory education, junior high school students should also be pushed after class time. Junior high school grade three parents Yao Hui told reporters, junior high school students than primary school sleep late, get up early, learning pressure is heavier, more need to adjust the class time, in order to ensure adequate sleep time, reduce the academic burden. It is reported that, according to the schedule, the network voting time deadline is October 8th. Nanchang City Board of Education said that, because of the adjustment of class time to modify the school schedule, a primary school class at 8:30 if it is determined, the fastest will be implemented in the next semester.相关的主题文章: