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The man at the school gate waiting long entrenched indecent single female teacher female student a man long entrenched in the city railway senior middle school entrance, female teachers, female students for molesting a trip alone. Because timid, evidence difficult, many people dare not speak angrily. In November 7th, the reporter learned that the personnel on duty for two weeks in the jurisdiction of the police, school, patrol again to squat, female extends groping man was arrested. Recently, a continuous railway senior high school students to reflect, from the beginning of August this year, at the door of the school frequently appeared in a riding electric car, body fat than men, waiting for single female teachers, female students were robbing and obscene. In the meantime, a number of female students said that the man had suffered groping hit the chest, buttocks touch etc.. However, due to shyness, timidity, forensics and other reasons, the man repeatedly molested women, always successful escape. School officials, parents received a reflection of the students, the City Public Security Bureau immediately to the successful launch of the Bureau for help. In the police organization, the school teachers actively participate in patrol duty, and continuous squatting outside the school. In November 4th, a man about 30 years old again hovering at the school gate, ready to close to a female student comes to implementation, squatting long police and the teacher on duty immediately, in one fell swoop captured. 7, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau learned that, at present, the police are questioning the man, the case is still under investigation. (Liu Zhisong Cui Jing) video: photography enthusiasts accidentally photographed man molesting girls today: Zhengzhou children abandoned infraredimages underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk unexpectedly in Shangqiu net exposure of two female college students dormitory in Zhengzhou Longhai Road brawl truth Zijingshan road large exposure the crane operation site serious congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after DNA to obtain new evidence in the treatment of heart not happy when the man pulled hair nurse beaten相关的主题文章: