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Media: Police grab a ticket ripped fig leaf – fine economic Beijing recently, the online heat transfer section of the Henan Nanyang two traffic police to grab a ticket video. In the video, the young police said, you open your (ticket), I open my, who can stop (illegal vehicles) who is the ability, who does not affect who, the task is completed." The police also said that due to being led by force, if not to go back to get a ticket. At present, two officers involved have been suspended, and was ordered to make a profound examination. ( November 13th) why let someone’s officers suspended? The local police briefing said: "when the police act of misconduct, vulgar language, expression is wrong, caused public misunderstanding, affecting the image of police." This will make people have such an understanding: two police officers for a ticket and no wrong, is wrong in their performance is too vulgar, especially after the spread of the Internet platform, affecting the image of the police force. To tell the truth, in my opinion, such a response and punishment has not grasped the essence of the problem. If the video does not spread through the Internet, someone’s police officers will be suspended punishment? What is the reason for this video to cause public discontent? Have to say that the reason why the video was able to form a public opinion effect, not only lies in someone’s police speech vulgar, the core problem is that the traffic police dispute ticket. It’s the naked "fine economy" that makes people angry. As can be seen from reports, two police officers had to open a ticket, which is led by force, saying "if not open to ticket back to catch", it is open the local traffic control departments to "fine economy" fig leaf. Although many areas of "fine economy" has been repeatedly exposed, criticized repeatedly, "road traffic safety law" also stipulates that "any unit shall give public security traffic management department issued or in disguised form issued a fine index; traffic control department of the public security organ shall regard the amount of fines as the standard for assessing traffic policemen." Even so, the local laws and regulations is still set aside, knowing violation, intentionally, after being exposed to also do not have a clear understanding of the core problem, worried by suspended involved police officers to quell public opinion, it is preposterous! Open a ticket, indicating that the local traffic control department of the division of labor is not clear, so the scope of enforcement of overlapping situations. In addition to the consequences such as video reflect problems, is to maximize the implementation of the "fine economy", also appeared in some places may be mutually making excuses liability situation. Fine penalty, accident two no matter. The traffic police for a ticket, obviously not only on someone’s traffic police should get to the bottom of the suspended matter, was the source of the behavior behind the operation, to the local traffic control department of the "fine economy". In this regard, on the one hand, the relevant provisions should be strictly according to "road traffic safety law", the relevant persons responsible for accountability; on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the budget guarantee and scientific evaluation system and other means to eradicate the law enforcement power of alienation of the soil, the final out of the misunderstanding of "economic law". The law enforcement should also recognize that the penalty has always been not the purpose, but a means of maintaining rules and order, the realization of power is bound to rule of law相关的主题文章: