Mathematics is saved! Expert play online games every day to increase the math 15 points beself

Mathematics is saved! Expert: moderate daily mathematics increased 15 points to play online games for parents, games like great scourges, poisoned their children’s mind. However, a recent study by the Royal University of technology in Melbourne, Australia, suggests that playing video games regularly may help improve their math scores. The study tested more than 12 thousand children around the age of 15 in australia. The results show that video games can improve their math, science and reading skills in 15 year old teenagers, but the effect of social media reduces the test results. Posso, an associate professor of economics at the Royal University of technology in Melbourne (Alberto), says online video games can help students improve their skills and skills. Students who play online games almost every day, math and science are 15 points higher than the average score and score of 17." He also said, "when you play the game, need to solve a problem will rise to a higher level, and these problems may require the use of general knowledge and skills in mathematics, need more reading skills and scientific knowledge. And this knowledge, you are likely to learn in school during the day." Peisson also said that now the teachers are considered to be some of the popular video games into their teaching — of course these must be non violent. In fact, students who are addicted to a variety of social networking sites may be worse off than students who play games every day. Their math scores are about 20 points lower than those who have never used social networking sites. Posso added: "of course, regular social networking sites for students to spend a lot of time, these lost time can be used to study. Of course, instead of continuing to struggle with math, reading and science, students may be more likely to choose social networks." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: