Master log five Lian Yang end mystery monster and Zhuanggu fly side by side

Master log: five Lian Yang end mystery monster and     Zhuanggu fly side by side;     welcome to pay attention to our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scan two-dimensional code in real time to watch the new WeChat Xing Xing Xing stock pool has been opened. WeChat public search xingzwgpc welcome everyone’s attention. The difference between "Xing stock pool" and "master hailun log" the two public numbers are as follows: 1, "Xing stock pool" daily sent before 8:30 in the morning, only 1 articles, the content is on a trading day at 22 in the evening after the checking results, including the next day I want to buy the target shares. 2, Xing stock pool represents only personal point of view, nothing to do with Phoenix finance. Stock pool just Xing individual subject of picking, does not represent any units and institutions stand. Last night, not because of the recent stock pool, in the optimization of busy work every dish, there is a night of social work, so no time to write, here is to say sorry. In a hurry this morning on the bus to see the surface yesterday and stocks, Sichuan Shuangma needless to say today opened on board would accelerate as leading the market in September. In addition, there will be no big move today, there have been 5 in front of the trend, A shares rarely out of the trend of even the 6 Yang, so I am still relatively cautious. Today the half-hour early heat is good, yesterday’s stock trading in addition to the suspension of the two Macro and Oriental Silver Star, other stocks are ascribed or good, a customer money effect is very high. Early in the second board stock in addition to total market leading Sichuan Shuangma and also appeared three pear shares, shares of Antarctic electricity and urban construction land, but three stocks is still the bottleneck in the market, these two stocks have been huge profit funds zapan. That is to say the stock since this month has not appeared three board, taking into account the Sichuan Shuangma next Thursday is the sixth day before the 3 Sun 2 limit, can seal the probability limit of third small points. Afternoon is also aware of the capital market sentiment changes in the market, coupled with the PPP plate to follow the trend of the stock began to ship, leading to market diving. However, there are radical funds directly pull the board of Bohai shares, it is also recognized for its monster stocks. The other is a hot market in Wenzhou is the first to help Zhuanggu, yesterday’s Gansu power investment today opened in the flat to sell limit, the afternoon pulled closed up over 1%, is convinced. There is a red sun energy and the two shares hollyland contrarian trading, have to say is really Zhuanggu god. Said his operation today continue to lock sudawei, did not do any action, there is a small wave of afternoon pulled exploratory behavior should also be the venue of funds. Taking into account the signs of PPP has been adjusted, the next week’s hot should be switched, so I continue to hold. Shortly after the judge: several strong appeal of the stock up today’s money effect, taking into account the late next week and kill the possible callback, these leading stocks will have some good opportunities for bargain hunting;相关的主题文章: