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After the meal on the basis period is set high on the Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This year’s soybean market is very exciting, since the beginning of 2300 yuan has been more people must now earn pours; and has been empty since 2300 compared to those who have now disappeared. Referring to history, the high price of soybean meal is 4000-4500 yuan, the low is 2300-2500 yuan. Today, Dalian soybean meal in the 3000-3500 yuan range without obvious directional volatility has been nearly a month, just in the position of the median suspended in midair, afraid to turn to do more than unilateral meal plummeted, unilateral short sellers fear wait-and-see is extremely uncomfortable meal rise directly to a high position. The author believes that at this stage may wish to try the current set of insurance. Back meal basis of history. Since the 2014 U.S. collapse, the price trend has been elusive, because the soybean futures price of CBOT opening time and opening time of Dalian soybean meal is not the same, in the country, either oil or traders, followed by the U.S. soybean prices are rarely. Either of the collapse, domestic beans industry reshuffle, after 2015 a year’s time, the domestic oil refinery has been basically survive all the hedging of cash, the risk is almost all transferred to the downstream and futures. At the same time, the majority of domestic traders have not yet been conscious of the importance of the combination of the present, still keep buying up not to buy down mentality, gambling single thinking is still mainstream. In the era of progress, soybean meal as varieties of domestic futures market trading volume in the first three, the price discovery function is very prominent, therefore, the future of soybean futures market is hedging in the practitioners represent the general trend. Examples: June 27, 2016 Guangdong oil 43% protein soybean meal price of 3320 yuan tons, Jiang Zong to the purchase price of soybean meal 200 tons, while m1609 3300 point 20 empty hand. The ginger total hands for 3320-3300=20 yuan tons of soybean meal basis. In July 8, 2016 the total price to 3050 Jiang disk positions, the oil spot price to sell 3260 yuan in total, ginger 3180-3200 yuan per ton sold, out of the lowest total ginger meal basis: 3180-3050=130 yuan tons, ginger total profit is 130-20=110 tons. Ginger total success profit background is: the end of June the majority of domestic soybean meal downstream safety stock by 7-10 days, 30-60 days to expand. Simply said, at that time there have been signs of soybean meal and disk pile up in excess of requirement, is also a sideways state, causes the spot price trend is weaker than the basis, narrowed to 30 or even lower. The boss of the short-term bullish basis, then the operation. The risk is that if you have been sideways, spot and futures price will continue to narrow or even negative, there is no profit, if pulled up sharply, with the spot response lag, resulting in poor continue to narrow or even negative case basis. Overall, for the soybean meal practitioners, the unilateral era has passed, more and more difficult to deal with soybean meal, the insurance has been forced on the eyebrow相关的主题文章: