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Man brush "beans" earn 8 million accused of fraud since that new network economy just to disrupt the Jingdong in Dengmou was charged by the seller to buy from sell, give praise, in 10 months for Beijing beans about 8000000 yuan worth of Jingdong ltd.". Yesterday morning, Dengmou suspicion of fraud in the second city court trial. Trial, he argued that his behavior is not fraud, but to disrupt the economic order. The lawyer pleaded not guilty. "Brush Beijing beans" profit 8 million so-called "Beijing beans", is the user in the website of Jingdong to participate in shopping, evaluation, a reward after the sun, the rewards can be used for consumption to meet certain conditions, usually in the consumption of 100 Beijing beans is worth 1 yuan in cash use. 30 year old Sichuan Deng, high school education. According to the allegations, Deng from July 2014 to May 2015, the creation of online stores in the mall to buy from sell by Jingdong, and give praise, get Beijing beans and again false trading using Beijing beans, defrauding the Jingdong in Beijing Century Trading Co. the company to return to business for a total of more than 800 yuan, there are more than 24.8 yuan of payment and the balance of 3.4 yuan online banking wallet withheld in Beijing Jingdong Century Trading co.. In late May 2015, the Jingdong on the business checks found that large purchases of 50 different commodities, small orders, the amount is 100 yuan, by combing now since July 2014 nearly 300 thousand such orders, these orders from 34 businesses, are registered in Shenzhen, the bank in Sichuan and Mianyang, further investigation found Dengmou brush. Jingdong Deng will be a number of online stores and alarm. Daily brush 5000 single trial, Dengmou recognized the facts of the allegations, but denied fraud, that he just disrupted the market order. "I began to brush one is also a chance." Deng said that he and his friends in the mall to open a shop operating leather goods, accessories, etc., there is a female customer to order a variety of color of his bus card sets, but in fact only let him send a suit. She said that the choice of a variety of commodities, each to give praise, you can get more Beijing beans, Beijing beans can charge calls, shopping can be deducted cash." After being inspired, Deng began to buy from sell ", the first is to enhance the reputation and drive sales. He said, "bartender" monthly to the business rankings, ranked by the lack of resources. Jingdong does not allow a single brush, the brush will be fine, but not a single brush can not sell things, but also forced to brush single." Since then, Deng felt this is a way to make money, the convenience of the use of incentives to earn Jingdong beans and then sold into cash. He opened dozens of stores in the Jingdong, and purchased 5000 ordinary account, then hire 15 people to buy a single brush, usually single 350 pieces. After the selection of manufacturers to deliver goods, then click on the receipt and give praise. After a period of time, Deng found using ordinary account brush single get Beijing beans too little, not deductible transaction payment about 10% Jingdong fees from Taobao online purchase of thousands of diamond buyers to get a double reward. With diamond buyers account every brush a single, Dengmou about profit of about 32 yuan, a long time every day相关的主题文章: