Maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in excess of 275 billion MLF sequel to the central bank

Maintain appropriate and sufficient liquidity in excess of 275 billion MLF although the sequel to the central bank central bank in the open market for the six consecutive trading days of net return of funds, but still on schedule in mid month lending facility (MLF) the expiration date, "check" the sequel to 275 billion yuan MLF, net invested capital to the market. In the release of warmth and regulation so "short long", also shows that the central bank to maintain a reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system’s intention has not changed. The central bank micro-blog said yesterday that in September 7th, with MLF expires 123 billion 200 million yuan, the Central Bank of the 15 financial institutions to carry out MLF operation a total of 275 billion yuan, of which June MLF was 194 billion yuan, 1 year MLF was 81 billion yuan, the interest rate unchanged from the previous period, 2.85% and 3% respectively. Data show that there are 123 billion 200 million yuan yesterday due to MLF, from the central bank to "check" sequel MLF situation, the MLF terms and rates were the same as last month, but the net amount invested MLF has a substantial increase compared with August. Prior to August, the central bank invested 52 billion yuan of funds through the MLF net, while the net invested capital of MLF in September was $151 billion 800 million. This shows that the central bank through the directional tool to put long-term funds to increase the intensity, but also in the open market, the central bank has continued in a net return of short-term funds, yesterday launched a 30 billion yuan repurchase, the net return of funds 60 billion yuan, "short put long intentions clear. DM financial platform offer researcher Gong Chenliang told reporters, yesterday the central bank recently is incremental MLF sequel, open market continued net return for the first time after the release of the loose signal, indicating that the central bank money market, the total will not intervene excessively, will still maintain liquidity in the banking system is reasonable enough. From the short-term financial perspective, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday next week superimposed reverse repurchase expires, the central bank is expected to reverse repurchase amount due the amount of hedge, reducing petty side fluctuations. It is worth mentioning that the recent central bank open market operations is a feature of, with the liquidity of the warmer, the central bank has been maintained at a low level of reverse repurchase 14 days. Since August 31st, the 14 day reverse repurchase daily operating volume was $10 billion, which makes the market for the next 14 days to buy back the expected increase in the future. Dongguan bank financial markets department pointed out that the recent central bank in the open market continued net return of funds, the 14 day repurchase amount close to "". This week the central bank is expected to reduce the amount of reverse repurchase operations, 14 days of reverse repurchase may be gradually withdrawn in the next week, the central bank open market this week is expected to net return of funds. Put interest rates yesterday from the Shanghai interbank offered (Shibor), the majority of Shibor interest rates fell, only overnight and September Shibor interest rates upward, 1 weeks and 1 year Shibor rate and the same day, the remaining varieties rate fell. Among them, the biggest increase is still overnight Shibor interest rates, up 0.33 basis points to 2.0803%.   stock investment trading post, forecast, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out tomorrow?相关的主题文章: