Love it exposed the trailer Zhang Jingchu interpretation of love is not easy douke

"Falling in love" trailer exposure Zhang Jingchu interpretation is not easy to love Sina entertainment news on October 30th afternoon, drama "we love it" was held for the first time the media will see the film, and the first exposure of the new 5 minute Trailer theme. And before the number of trailers "veiled", the new trailer, there is the feeling of aniseed shake. Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin [micro-blog] [micro-blog] three bestie between love hate a sudden escalation and they [micro-blog], Yuan Hong Ming, Zhang Xilin [micro-blog] [micro-blog] three male god relationship line is more perplexing, really is cut constantly tangled. The 5 minute trailer cut as life and well-being of 6 classic interpretation of love is not easy to set life such as seasons, reincarnation, alternating cold and warm our desire, life be beautiful like summer flowers, and who has become, by the autumn wind swept away the leaves! The play, Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] plays Lin smiled a talented architect, but because of the character of serious and stubborn, to cause feelings of double frustrated; Xinyi Zhang’s Pan Zhizhi is a dare to fall can play career woman, but in the pursuit of love in Lan Qin’s nationhood; married Cai Chunni, the thought will live a happy life more than gold, who is known for a rich deep into the sea, a biased mother-in-law, plus an extremely rebellious daughter, let the gentle and kind-hearted woman to the brink of collapse, scorched by the flames. Three bestie, interpretation of the three different life, although restrained but profound, temperature and height, the story of the way from life, and far higher than life. Three bestie eager to be beautiful like summer flowers, is the reality of the winter does not stop by. Is doomed to wither in the cold? Or break through the cold, out of the shackles, to greet the spring? The 5 minute trailer gives the brightest answer: before the dawn, out of the darkness, need to rely on their own, in addition to the cold winter, but also love and stick to. In addition to the three female protagonists, the subject of the exposure of the trailer, the role of the three men also eye-catching. Yuan Hong’s overbearing president time domineering exposed, because coffee and Lin smiled not "fight" do not know; Ming played the most warm love for Huang Shaogu, Lan Qin long, is a sigh; Zhang Xilin’s infatuation is rich Concho, morality play, family circumstances is difficult to break two, one foot wrong life, finally get the truth than gold. 6 classic design, both, whirling and connected, perplexing, intriguing, is a multidimensional interpretation of the life is not easy, not easy to fall in love. It is reported that, "we love it" will be on November 7th winter date of Hunan TV debut crisis. "We love it" by the Beijing Television Culture Co., Ltd. perfect paragon Beijing perfect television media Co. Ltd., Beijing Confucianism is intended to Showtime Film Investment Co. produced, CO produced music as Youku potatoes, flowers. Beijing blue diamond culture media Co., Ltd. is responsible for the whole case marketing. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: