Li Xiaolu’s legs are p Hit the shoes nuozha a second short legs (video)

Li Xiaolu’s legs are P? Hit the shoes nuozha a second small short article reprinted from the media public number: freaky fashion fan (ID:lma778) star Zhuangshan shoes hit what fear is often the case! Hit the shoe is really a very common thing, but on the star who is not the same, and others are not wearing a good rolling it! Look, there are so many people hit the shoes, but this will be Li Xiaolu nuozha rolled slag is not left! It’s nice but Karzai clothing, wearing a white shirt with denim shorts, clothes tie pants, long legs to upgrade a lot, take this pair of black boots, very fashionable taste it, Karzai is really long legs, wearing boots can wear so long legs! But Li Xiaolu hit the same pair of shoes, wear this pair of black boots, but that it is also a big legs, denim shorts, but short legs with great length! Ladies shoes one hundred years of changes in fashion there is always a big love you the same style of shoes, Wang Ziwen is more careful machine, but to choose such a knee, wear long sleeved sweater denim shorts, lengthen the leg line! Tang Yan had been through the shoes before, the same is the shorts, but Tang Yan’s legs are really long legs. The number of shoes hit a lot, not only this time, look at it! This is really a lot of double long tube binding boot shoes hit film stars! Zhang Yuqi is wearing a skirt suit Silver Rhinestone straps boots, lively and bright. Jolin, the little girl wears well, diamond boots a color long skirt, the exposed legs appear partly hidden and partly visible very sexy, just to hide his short legs weakness. Ma Sichun is wearing a white dress collocation bandage boots, the design side slit obviously long legs, half tie hair and very lady! Wang Ou the leggy goddess traverse the double band high boots, sleeveless jacket skirt collocation, intellectual and sexy!相关的主题文章: