Is the girl Qiaotun can practice ratite can also have perfect curve (video)

Qiaotun can practice the girl can also have a perfect curve flat chested Pailugou dazzle all have OUT abdomen, buttocks is simply a peach born woman world Gospel ah, hip shaped like peach, on both sides of the rounded part is buckled, and slightly upturned, skin white and red, with light can make people "needless to handle feeling unable to hide greeds. Doutzen – cronous fruit sister Katie – Perry Cara – IN DIWA Yi (in) Gigi Hadid (left) and Taylor Swift (right) to learn the essence of the Pilates dance movement to adjust posture posture effectively shaping breast absolutely is not easy, after all, Haoru not you want to have it, but it is simple and energy-saving many people, though each hip type is not the same, but the daily exercise can prevent hip sagging, is an important foundation to build energy-saving. Do you think it is cool and comfortable to wear trousers, and the big butt is not the net? Would like to mean that your ass is not big, or wear clothes did not look in the mirror. In fact, more wide trousers will show big ass, if the material is soft, not good to hang the meat will be partly hidden and partly visible. Even if you don’t wear bikinis or shorts, chiffon, cotton or cotton dress skirt, soft suit pants, skirt, etc. is easy to highlight the pencil skirt curve of a single product, if the hip curve good-looking, wear will be more agile, so don’t think practicing hip is summer, if you miss the summer days. It is better to prepare for the winter small sexy. What a hip margin down ass are difficult to wear good-looking, wear dresses when wearing hot pants very embarrassing fat partly hidden and partly visible, with loose fat buttocks more embarrassing, not to mention when wearing bikinis. 1 kneeling on the ground, his hands and knees and shoulder width. 2 lift up your right foot and lift it up to the waist, as if you were going up. Exhale, slowly lift side stability. Remember to lift and parallel to the ground, to lift the back down and remember not concave, buttocks and lower abdomen contraction. 3 inhale and slowly move the foot back to the ground. Left and right to do three times as a group, do a good job in the five groups. Two, the buttocks on the edge of the hip Alice is not warped, on the edge of the meat is not enough concentration is also very important, so exercise this part of the indispensable, in addition to the familiar squat, but also can try the following method. 1 the whole person lying on the yoga mat, hands and feet open with shoulder width. The 2 side will exhale, hands and feet to lift up. Notice not to bend the knees. 3 inhale, return to prone position. To 3~5 times as a group, a day recommended to do three times. To skilled, you can increase the number, but also can increase the number of seconds to keep up the action again and again to increase the length of three seconds.相关的主题文章: