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IPhone poor sales apple to keep its profit margin squeeze suppliers [editor’s note] technology Tencent, according to foreign media reports, iPhone this year due to sluggish sales, Apple has been compromised in forcing their suppliers to accept the price of the fact. At the same time, in China, a key market, the three operators collective force, a substantial discount on the old products, hoping to boost sales of iPhone. The following is a summary of the article. In recent months, Apple’s suppliers have said that Apple has told them to accept the reality of the next generation iPhone parts prices. At the same time, Apple also cut demand for parts orders. This may affect the profits of some suppliers in the second half of this year. The information obtained from the retail channel, in the past two weeks, the China Telecom (micro-blog) has begun to start iPhone promotional activities, 16 GB iPhone 6S bare metal price of 4288 yuan ($642), which is more than 5288 yuan apple China website cheaper not less. China Mobile (micro-blog) and China Unicom (micro-blog) also provides iPhone with the latest discount efforts, but not as much as China Telecom. 16 GB iPhone 6S bare metal price in the major U.S. carriers for $649. Although the old products in the new generation of iPhone before the release of a certain discount, but the price is lower than the United States is rare in china. The price of iPhone sold in China includes import duty and VAT on parts and components. Apple declined to comment on reports that it was coordinating with suppliers and Chinese operators to lower iPhone prices. China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom have yet to respond to requests for comment. With the slowdown in global demand and the rise of China’s smart phone manufacturers, the move highlights the difficulties faced by Apple’s iPhone market demand to boost. The EU antitrust regulators on Tuesday asked apple to pay the Irish 13 billion euros ($14 billion 500 million) tax, record the agency required to pay the tax record. The ruling makes apple face no small financial pressure. In Apple’s third quarter (April -6 months), the company fell 27% due to sluggish sales profit, China market situation is worse. At the same time, the old rival Samsung Electronics, said the second quarter of this year, the company’s earnings for the past two years, the best one quarter, mainly due to its recent launch of the Galaxy S7 series products. Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone next week. Suppliers said that this year Apple has been cut parts prices and order quantity. Apple said to suppliers, although the current reduction in orders, but with the release of new products, orders will be significantly increased. Given the overall poor sales of iPhone this year, whether the new generation of products can stir again remains to be seen. The decline in demand has made some suppliers unhappy, because most of their sales depend on iPhone components. Said a person in Apple supplier work: "the reason everybody very unhappy is that Apple ‘double down!相关的主题文章: