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The restaurant is too wonderful inventory capital, pollution – Sohu now tourism delicacy restaurant people play love emerge in an endless stream, many tricks in the diet, Beijing has such strange restaurant, shocking in its hardcore. Eleven nearly, if you have the opportunity to go to the restaurant to find out what, do not forget to come to a super (DA) where (die) off (Yan) custom (Jing) dining experience oh. Shell near Beijing, Sanlitun, there is a SM theme restaurant, the restaurant has a variety of jewelry items around the theme of SM props. The cup is "breast" shape, the shape of the bottle opener is "penis". Part of the performance of the guests are very shy, but also open the guests will be a variety of self timer. Address: Chaoyang District Happy Village Road No. 8 Building 55-6 Beijing Academy: This is a 80 as the theme of the concept of Hot pot restaurant, the member to be born 80.1.1-89.12.31 between China and Japan, the overall layout is based on the school classroom as the theme, the waiter call is on duty, the environment decoration is simple and nostalgic. No. 8 school located in the Hutong, the environment is not outstanding, but if to the point of the meal is an appointment meal time, waiting for the next lesson outside diners have alley blocking. Address: No. 172 Gate Street head processing factory Deshengmen’s decrepit and abandoned factory, the hidden in the alley of the restaurant is very popular recently "brain processing factory", the main barbecue delicacy, the brain is the specialty of this restaurant. The shop decoration is very gloomy, but every day is overcrowded, interested may wish to try. Address: Nanluogu Lane little Ju’er Hutong No. 81 root in the root is the house maid themed restaurant, a Japanese themed restaurant, store shuttle is wearing a beautiful Japanese uniform lovely maid, every sweet Japanese greetings, sweet service let you know what is called bingo -, of course, there’s the new issue Japanese comics and games, want to experience the most authentic maid service in the capital, here on the right. Address: No. 39 West Maizidian five wheel the car Museum theme restaurant car many friends must not miss this theme restaurant, in addition to the use of auto parts to spell out a map of the world, the restaurant more traffic sign and light, unique style of decoration, seat layout full central a big sofa Rest Area that is all Western-style food, and free coffee. Address: No. 126 Car Museum Fengtai District South Fourth Ring Road West, 2 floor old docks designed by Hai Yan in Beijing City, the first indoor water restaurant, main Chaoshan cuisine, quite Jiangnan style. On the environment of the restaurant with four clear water waves wupengchuan, the ship named Su Mei, Prince, king and dragon class. Address: Dongcheng District, No. 8 North Road and new street 1 floor of the Asian Hotel please pay attention to more WeChat public number polo"相关的主题文章: