Interpretation of the authority of a tax reform lowering the tax burden on low-income people didadi

Interpretation of the authority of a tax reform: lowering the tax burden of low-income people into more than 120 thousand of high-income earners, to pay a tax is purely rumor. A number of well-known personal income tax (hereinafter referred to as "tax") 24, the Ministry of finance experts by public opinion spread rumors of reform to the first financial reporters, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is not divided between high and low income groups, there is no increase in tax. Tax reform related to everyone’s pocketbook. Finance minister Lou Jiwei said during the two sessions this year, combined with a combination of tax reform program has been submitted to the State Council, according to the plan will be submitted to the National People’s Congress this year. People familiar with the tax reform plan of anonymity on the first financial reporter said that the idea of tax reform scheme is to reduce the tax burden of low-income persons, timely increase such as education, pension, and other special mortgage interest deductions, and increase the high income collection efforts. Never have high income standards by the State Council in October 21st "on the excitation energy drives focus groups of urban and rural residents income views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") is proposed, including "sound personal income tax, tax system, and gradually establish a combination of comprehensive and classification of personal income tax system, to further reduce the moderate income tax burden. Play the income adjustment function, due to the high income tax regulation". Part of the network media will be appropriate to increase the high income tax regulation ", interpreted as" annual income of 120 thousand yuan more than the high income tax will be". And this error is based solely on personal income of more than 120 thousand yuan to declare their own income. A researcher at the Ministry of finance China Financial Science Research Institute Sun Gang told the first financial reporter, the tax department in 2006 with an annual income of 120 thousand yuan as a tax declaration, tax declaration into the comprehensive pilot, is not used to divide the level of income, but from the angle of collection facilities. Therefore, "more than 120 thousand of high income" is misreading and deduction, the "opinion" is groundless statement to a tax increase on high-income earners. The current "legislative law" stipulates that the establishment of tax categories, tax rates and tax collection and management of the basic tax system can only be achieved through legislation to be decided by the NPC and its standing committee. In other words, the State Council shall have the right to make the so-called "tax" decision. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economics researcher Yang Zhiyong told the first financial reporter, said the high cost of living in big cities, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan in a second tier cities certainly do not belong to high-income earners. Currently the highest marginal tax rate of personal wages and salaries (45%), the application of the standard is too low, is not conducive to attract high-end talent in china. Those who are familiar with the tax reform program said that in the middle and low income and high income division, the world has no legal standards to determine, the tax law has never been identified as high income standards. The future will be combined with international practice and the actual situation of our country, overall research and consideration. At present Chinese current working income to take seven progressive rates, the applicable rate of 30% or more annual income of more than 420 thousand, in 2015 the average wage for urban workers (62029 yuan) nearly 6.8 times for 45%.相关的主题文章: