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International Tourism Internet Conference held in Hangzhou, focusing on intelligent travel network Hangzhou October 23 (by Kong Yanting) on October 23rd, the 2016 International Tourism Internet Conference opened in Hangzhou. The general assembly to the "new Internet, new supply, new experience" as the theme, through the "multi dialogue on international tourism industry big coffee + + expert industry well-known tourism industry, government officials, and invited leading experts from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other places, to discuss the era of tourism industry hot topics, new chapter in the development of industry collusion. With the development of information technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the global Internet has entered a new era of development". At the beginning of this year, the National Tourism Administration issued a "515 strategy", "strategy is mentioned, to actively integrate into the Internet era, armed with information technology China tourism", which is injected a shot in the arm for development direction of "Travel + Internet". It is reported that the general assembly is held in China high-level tourism + Internet Conference, this year for the second session. According to the president of the general assembly, Song Haiyan, vice president of the school of hotel and tourism management, Hong Kong Polytech University Professor, compared to last year, this year’s guests invited to consider more guests own professional. Vice president, Asia Pacific Tourism Association Special Advisor CEO JohnKoldowski based on the participants last year more deepen the wisdom of tourism subject, he said, the public needs to re-examine the current tourism industry from different angles, also need more wisdom to better understand the tourism industry index. JohnKoldowski takes a large number of Swedish tourists to Thailand as an example, pointing out that the average number of days of his stay is equivalent to 5 Malaysia tourists, 2.5 Chinese tourists, the 2 Saudi tourists. So he suggested that in the development of relevant strategies to determine the target market, the need to analyze whether it can bring the most tourists indicators, and concerned about its growth rate is the fastest. Conference site, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang to the Imperial Palace as an example, shows the application of Internet technology and digital technology in the key Cultural Relics Tourism in China. From the opening of the network channel slow ticket pressure, digital museum renovation end, to the "the Imperial Palace" produced daily, show in the Imperial Palace in the wave of the Internet to move forward with determination. "The the Imperial Palace museum website every day now are 1 million hits more than last year, we conducted three revision, Shan Jixiang said proudly," last year we made a series of APP, APP in the Imperial Palace after 8, we get an evaluation of "the Imperial Palace produced, will be fine."." In addition, the former party secretary of Hangzhou Wang Guoping with the wisdom of chess, painting, etc. in the field of news writing examples show 1 times (the Internet search engine, e-commerce, instant messaging, online games and other four Internet formats) to 2 times (networking, artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology and other three new Internet formats change). He said, I hope you see more of the rise of the three new formats, and make full use of the economic development, tourism has become a sharp sword. It is understood that the general assembly by the Zhejiang Tourism相关的主题文章: