In order to earn milk money to write novels sold on the rich list deputy director

In order to earn milk money to write novels sold on the rich list, 46 year old Zhang Bing Zhang soldiers standing in front of reporters, deputy director, is full of young men. From 2010 to 2012, for three consecutive years, the name of "old bridge" by more than one million yuan a year he topped the list of royalty writers. 2010 and in 2011, "Hou Weidong’s official note" two times, "Guangzhou daily" selected Chinese book list. In 2012, "Hou Weidong notes" officialdom won the Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association, China "literary newspaper" and other units of the joint selection of the West Lake biennial award types of literature. Zhang Bing modestly told the Guangzhou Daily reporter, he even "officials" are not, at best is a "xiaoli". He prefers to call his novels "Social Novels", not "officialdom novels"". Recently, Zhang Bingzheng for his new book, "past events in Bazhou" and other major cities in Beijing. At this time, his identity is a best-selling novel writer. He and another little-known identity, is a deputy level cadres. Zhang Bing has served as the Chongqing city Yongchuan District Municipal Garden Management Bureau member, deputy director, is vice chairman of the local federation of Party members. Talk about the famous novel struggle is the protagonist of the success of the Guangzhou Daily: you are relying on the "Hou Weidong official note" is famous, how do you see this novel? Zhang Bing: the so-called officialdom novels is the sale of the purpose of the classification, in essence, I think I write only a social novel. Just because the identity of the protagonist is a civil servant, so the name of the novel is called "official notes". In fact, the characters involved in all kinds of novels, all kinds of people, there are farmers, entrepreneurs, there are pyramid schemes, all occupations have. Guangzhou Daily: was there a similar novel on the network? Zhang Bing: No. At that time the Internet officialdom novels, many through writing, for example, the author go back into officialdom, using his knowledge to change the fate of writing, which is the mainstream. I wrote this novel, is a purely documentary subject, without any trace of fantasy, that is more professional, the novel did not change the fate of the protagonist "Goldfinger", his struggle is the road to success. Guangzhou Daily: it is called the civil servant must see novels, even the "textbook", how do you see? Zhang Bing: I think it is not just civil servants to look at the "textbook", but all young people into the "textbook"". Because all the shopping malls, officialdom and other industries, their cultural genes are the same, the ideas and methods of doing things are the same, but each has its own geographical and industry characteristics. It is to solve the problems encountered by young recruits, these problems are common. Talk about the creation of the novel had to change the time of the Guangzhou Daily: before the media reports, said that you originally wrote the network novel, in order to give the child to earn milk money? Zhang Bing: Yes, it is. After graduating from college, my wife was assigned to the Beibei District, I was assigned to the Yongchuan District, in the middle of the two hour drive, because the two separated.相关的主题文章: