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Business What are hair extensions? Hair extensions are special hair pieces designed to add length to a person’s hair style. They .e in a wide array of colors and textures so that they may be matched to any person’s hair and made to look .pletely natural. Extensions may be made of natural hair or synthetic fibers. What are the benefits of hair extensions? Clip-on hair extensions are a temporary way to change your look, either for fun and style or as a test drive for real hair extensions. Some clip-on hair extensions are small sections of hair attached to metal clips, much like barrettes. This type of clip-on hair extension is not meant to be used alone and you will need at least three or four of them. You simply clip the extension wherever you need added volume or body. Then the hair can be styled as usual. These hair extensions can be either synthetic or natural. Another type of clip-on hair extension is already pre-styled and used as formed. A popular style for this type is the ponytail. These extensions are widely available at department stores, beauty supply stores and some grocery stores. They are generally synthetic and low-cost with a short lifespan. Hair care products When it .es to selecting hair care products, people may find the entire process a bit confusing especially if they are not equipped with the right facts. With a wide variety of hair care products and an array of brands to choose from, it only vital to know your hair type, the hair concern that needs to be addressed as well as have a fair amount of knowledge about the formulation or chemicals that go into certain hair care products. The following tips and advice will help you make a better choice when selecting shampoo, hair conditioner, styling aids and appliances. While choosing hair care products, there are three important factors that you should keep it in your mind: Know your hair type and ascertain your hair concerns Tools and hair equipment Perform a thorough research about various product lines About the Author: 相关的主题文章: