Huaiyang travel packages contest kicked off 15 yuan to make a meal sugus

Huaiyang contest kicked off the tour packages: 15 yuan to make a meal for 25 days, Yangzhou Huaiyang winter travel packages contest, from more than and 30 Yangzhou restaurant chefs met a question: how to make Huaiyang flavor 3 dishes 1 soup 15 yuan for individual packages. Cooking competition is usually better than the chef skills, the most is the restrictions on the ingredients, such as the provision of 15 yuan to make a soup of 3 dishes in the home, but also innovation in the country of 1." The game deputy commander, Yangzhou Business Vocational College vice president Xu Ming introduced, but it is very practical significance, because the purpose of the competition is based on market, higher than the market, finally to return to the market, the cost of 15 yuan at the same time tested the chef skills and cost control ability, in fact, we also set up a 60 yuan 3 one meal, 10 meals 300 yuan a set of questions, and the final results of these games is to promote Yangzhou to the thousands of hotel. Gaoyou Huang Hua hotel chef Zhang Yun told reporters, in order to reflect the characteristics of Huaiyang, 15 yuan package design of their choice in the Bi Feng stewed lotus cake by the lion’s head out of the alienation xuncai, the other two are perch boil dry silk assorted and water, plus a small cup of chicken soup, the color aroma and taste at the same time, also reflects the many elements of Huaiyang packages, accurate estimates down, costs only 12 yuan. "This cost plus a reasonable profit, if the future of WYSIWYG, will make people feel value for money." Xu Ming told reporters, Yangzhou trade, tourism sector has been ready to put the game out of the excellent package to promote the social Hotel, the next few years will continue to hold such a game. Came to the scene to watch the Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi said that as soon as possible through food standardization, promote the improvement of the quality of Yangzhou tourism. (Li Yuan)相关的主题文章: