How to do when you encounter unreasonable slander 高达08ms小队

What to do when encountered unreasonable slander everything and others to work, you will become arrogant and disrespectful of Vin Gamarupoche Buddha to the real interests of others first, ability will be very limited, although the ability is limited, hope force is infinite. Your mind is infinite, the face of the world, even six of all sentient beings as a mother, you big wish to be boundless, this merit is very big. From giving, gentleness, patience, diligence, meditation, wisdom can benefit others. For example giving, you don’t have a lot of money never mind, because the money is not just a matter of dedication. Give before you can send the bodhicitta, to benefit all sentient beings to make a big wish; giving the moment, to do what we can to give your words to praise others, giving you the strength to do volunteer work, letting them go, go for the Buddha and so on, are able to benefit all sentient beings. But we want to dream to see, don’t hold, hold three body empty (i.e. the giver and recipient, the objects are not dedicated to the empty view). Give over, don’t forget to return to do all selfless merit circles all vanity as a mother of sentient beings. This is for charity, forward, and the conclusion is the combination of wisdom, giving a true degree "". Arrogant people do not mean that he will never know the right to see, we can not at a certain point in time, give a person a conclusion. Positive knowledge refers to a person’s understanding of the concept of human resources and processing. So, what we should do is not to look at others, but to look at ourselves. Through observation and understanding of their own, and in what places have shortcomings, where is the advantage, be judged their own state of mind, this is a right view. When differences occur, you need to find and protect the so-called arrogance is not known, but you are aware of the positive, not because of the arrogance of other people’s words and deeds affect your own emotions. Many Buddhists, although usually speak to khanti, good sad, but suddenly someone scold us, we know each other is not rational, but could not help but want to have him a few words, the heart is full of bad mood, some even very long time affected by the bad mood. Do you think the other side is arrogant? In fact, you are no different from him at this time. There are a lot of people have said: to the bad guys, I really do not pity ah!" Yeah, you just want to see the faults of others, people did not listen to you, you also follow your own suffering, chaos, and natural distortion, then certainly cannot make genuine compassion. I sometimes encounter a lot of arrogance of the people of the rude and slander, some people do not know me on the Internet to scold me. Many disciples asked: "why don’t you go against him, why don’t you scold him?" I will tell you: "if a person scolds you, you also scold him, that you and his difference in where?" If I don’t scold, I still have a little difference with those people, he called me he doesn’t mind, like a dog bite, it is certainly Goubuli zhi. But if you want to bite the dog, what’s the difference between you and the dog? Since said to all beings that compassion is not the eyes, a part of human beings?!相关的主题文章: