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Football Buying Fifa Coins is one of the latest trends among Fifa 14 gamers. Its quick, easy, cheap and provides the ability to ensure you get the players and content you love without spending hours getting frustrated with the game. Unfortunately when you buy Fifa coins you have to watch out for scammers. Like with all trends on the internet there are some people who are dishonest and are using players need for in-game currency to trick them out of real life currency. When selecting a shop to purchase from look for clear directions to customer service and dont be afraid to check it out. Representatives should be easy to understand and willing to respond to you. If the only option is via e-mail, you want to make sure you get a response. No response means they either tossed your inquiry in the rubbish or they simply fail to respond to message- either way its bad. Check for your platform to Buy Fifa Coins. Having coins for the appropriate platform seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of players forget to check. Shops dont necessarily service all platforms so its important to make sure ahead of time that you will be able to receive your coins after purchase. Delivery method should be listed on the site- if its not listed be sure to inquire with customer service. The typical method is via a marketplace trade under specifications the shop sets forth at time of purchase. Because most shops use this method the trade will be subject to the 5% tax imposed by EA, like any other trade you would make. You need to take the tax into consideration when you make your purchase at the shop, but also you need to steer clear of any shop which claims they can avoid the tax but deliver using this method. Shops that offer to buy Fifa coins from individuals are not necessarily scams. Because shops are not owned by EA they are essentially functioning as banks within the games. If a shop has offers out for people to sell them coins in exchange for real life currency they are just exhibiting transparency of their inventory wholesaler, dont let seeing a shop offering payment for players turning in coins dissuade you from making a purchase unless they are making some sort of exorbitant claim about what they will pay. Use your .mon sense- look for good quality webpages with secure transfer methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: