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Business The number of horses for sale has grown in size, largely due to economic slow down. Owners simply cannot afford to keep these expensive animals. Many horses end up in shelters simply because their owners can no longer afford to keep them. Even high-priced and well-trained show horses are selling for a small amount of what they used to sell for. Horses are available in every breed, riding discipline and price level. Owning a horse should be considered a long-term investment. Buyers should be careful when making this type of investment. There are many factors to consider before purchasing. There are a variety of different sources a person can utilise to find the right horse. The first step is to make a decision on how the horse will be used. Decide what type of riding will be focused on, whether it is recreational riding, hunters, showjumping, endurance riding, dressage or three-day eventing. This helps to narrow down the search, enabling a buyer to successfully and efficiently find the right horse. There is a huge variety of resources available to buyers for locating a suitable horse. A large amount of websites specialize in listing sale horses for any riding discipline, all breeds and locations. Sellers can upload photos on the site. The buyer can usually sort sales lists by price, breed, or geographic location. Most show sale horses all over the world. More traditional search methods also exist. Auctions usually sell horses at bargain prices, and are held on a regular basis. Horses should be purchased at auction only by those with extensive horse knowledge. Breeders and trainers are also very good resources. Breeders usually sell the animals that they have bred and raised. Trainers may or may not be in the business of selling horses, but have a lot of connections to sellers in the horse world. Breed associations usually list horses for sale in the classified sections of their newsletters or magazines. When visiting a prospect, bring a knowledgeable and trusted friend, colleague or trainer. Trainers charge a small fee for assisting in the search for a horse. This is worth the cost in order to find a good horse. Get either the trainer or the second person to ride the horse. Review the animal’s ground manners as well. All of this provides good information regarding the horse’s training and attitude. A pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended. This should include a complete stress test to rule out lameness. Some people like to have x-rays taken, but the efficacy of performing such a procedure is somewhat questionable. Certain individuals feel that x-rays are necessary to determine if there are any developing leg abnormalities. Others feel x-rays may falsely reveal issues that really are not problems. A variety of resources are available for finding horses for sale. A search is usually more comprehensive when one is looking for a more expensive animal for high level competition, or an animal necessary for a specialised discipline. Regardless of the type of horse one is looking for, it is a good idea to do thorough research, and tap on more than one resource to find that perfect horse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: