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Interior-Decorating Hanging Plants: Picking and Displaying No matter the size of your house, adding hanging plants make for a great and non-invasive decorative touch. A good variety of silk plantslarge and small, wide and narrow, on the floor and on the ceilingbrings uniqueness and variety to your home. Most often hanging plants get placed in a corner of the room, which is a great way to spruce up some of the more neglected, dusty areas of your house. Another benefit is that hanging plants in corners make them unobtrusivethey dont take up any needed space. It is important to hang your plant correctly so that it does not someday crash to the floor. For very large plant, you will probably need to attach a sturdy hook to a beam in the ceiling. For lighter, smaller plants, plastic and wooden hooks are usually fine, and you can often just screw them in where you want. You have many choices available to you, so look around online or in gardening stores until you find something that fits your home. There are about as many artificial hanging plants as real ones, so do not feel limited in choice if you decide to have the ease of a silk plant. Artificial Palm Trees Most people, when they think of artificial trees, think of a pine tree or Christmas tree. Few would think of the palm tree as a choice in artificial trees. These two tree types are extremely different, not only in local environment but also in appearance. Both real and silk palm trees .e in many sizes and varieties. The most .mon silk palm tree is a tall, perfect replica of an outdoor palm tree, .plete with coconuts if desired. Make sure you are aware of how wide the tree is before you settle on a certain tree. You will need to plan to place the tree at some distance from the wall so the leaves are not smashed against it. Palm trees often look nice in offices, bedrooms, and kitchen areas if there is sufficient space. Cleaning and Maintaining an Artificial Plant If you are planning on decorating with silk (or fake) plants, there are a couple of rules that you need to follow to ensure longevity. One little-known fact is that if sunlight shines continuously on silk and artificial flowers and plants, most will fade. However, as long as you occasionally rotate the placement of the plants, some exposure to sunlight is nothing to worry about. Another way to prevent your plants from fading is to keep them from getting dusty. Since many plants and flowers are pretty delicate, make sure to keep them away from the grasp of youngsters. If something does happen to your plant, check with the manufacturer about how to fix them. Most repairs can be made with a hot glue gun. For more dramatic breaks or cracks, use wire to wrap, tighten, and seal. How to Choose the Right Interior Decorator Though many of us claim to be self-taught interior decorators, sometimes it is better to just go to the experts. Interior decorators can be somewhat pricey, so you will want to do your research and choose someone who matches your tastes and interests. It is a good idea to secure photographs, demonstrations, and the contact information of other customers before you agree to work with a specific decorator. Most professionals have samples of their work in one form or another that you can peruse through. Also, asking the interior decorator for referrals from past clients is always a good idea. You will want to ask past clients about the type of service that they received, the creative ability of the interior designer, and the promptness of the work .pleted. Guidelines such as these ensure that your interior decorator will have exactly what you are looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: