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Hit the net new individual investors jumped to 25 thousand people three fix the inquiry under the net from the public number: Chinese broker (quanshangcn) author: new money effect, Gui Yanmin Liu Yiwen, is attracting more and more individual investors to participate in. The broker Chinese exclusive collection data show that the inquiry team of new shares under the net, the number of individual investors is rapidly expanding, recently a net increase of 43 days in 16379, the total is close to 25 thousand people, is 13 times more institutional investors in the inquiry team. New fixed price bureau is being changed, this is not a change in the policy, but from the spontaneous behavior of individual investors. No matter under the net purchase of new shares total shares, or to participate in the new inquiry discourse, individual investors are heady. The inquiry under the net becomes a key factor in the success or failure of individual investors to participate in the new network. Institutional investors to monopolize the new shares of the Bureau of price fixing A shares issued by the market is changing, this is not easy to perceive changes in the new network of investors from the fission. Among them, the most obvious one big change is that the IPO is no longer the privilege of institutional investors, qualified individual investors can not only quote and purchase, and the number of individual investors quoted is also increasing. China Securities reporter through this year has been successfully issued 121 new shares of statistics, the 121 new shares in the inquiry phase produced a total of 229435 bids and the corresponding purchase. Among them, the individual investors offer 64206, accounting for the total number of quotes of 27.98%. According to the current A stock pricing rules, IPO shares scale of more than 30 million shares, pricing will be implemented under the net, and then to set the price to implement online price issue. This also means that, in the past to institutional investors based IPO pricing market, with the continuous influx of individual investors, the pricing power of nearly 30% has been for individual investors, "pricing mechanism in the past, the retail pay pattern is undergoing great changes. If the 121 shares of individual investors in the offer is not what the concept of the 64206 words, then make a comparison may be more intuitive impression. This year, 121 new shares produced a total of 229435 bid quotation number more than individual investors only one category, fund companies, the investors this year to give 88915 quotation; quotation number of the remaining 7 categories of investors this year were recommended 43401 types of institutional investors, insurance companies offer 15919 quotations, 10141 securities companies a quotation, the social security fund 2589, 2030 financial companies offer quotation, trust 1466 to 739 price quotation and QFII. Not only that, from the 121 new shares under the net effective price of view, 225134 valid offer, individual investors are still in the three investment offer maximum number of columns, up to 62275 effective price ranked second, 87959 after the effective price of fund company. According to the above two phenomena, it is not difficult to see that the IPO pricing market, the participation of individual investors increasingly active, the right to speak of individual investors are constantly improving, machine相关的主题文章: