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Insurance If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, you will be worried about getting health coverage for the same. Besides, you also would be worried, if you would qualify for the health insurance or the cost associated with the same. However, hepatitis C health insurance has its own set of conditions and regulations. Besides, the health condition Hepatitis, is classified into three categories namely Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis c. However, before you are considered for a health insurance or coverage, for health insurance Hepatitis C, you will be asked a few questions, by the authority of the organization. A few questions often asked, while procuring a health insurance, have been listed below. 1) The time and period that you were diagnosed with Hepatitis B or C. 2) What have been your latest LFR or liver function readings? Especially the ALT, GGTP or even the AST levels for that matter. 3) Are you LFT readings getting better, with the passage of time? 4) Are you an alcoholic? How often do you drink? Have you reduced the consumption of alcohol, after been diagnosed with Hepatitis? 5) What have been your records, as far as the liver biopsy is concerned? What are the latest results? 6) Have you ever been treated for Interferon or Ribavirin? Did the treatment resolve your problem or condition, in anyway? Thus, getting health coverage, for the above mentioned disease, will never be easy. The organizations follow a set of rules and conditions, to ensure, that there is no discrepancy between the client and the organization, in the near future. Besides, if your health condition falls under the category of health insurance pre existing conditions, you might find it a tad difficult, to procure the health insurance, for the same. However, before you buy such health insurance policies, you would also be required to undergo a series of medical examinations and procedures. This is done, to trace the medical history of the client. However, Life insurance underwriters can be more flexible with high risk life insurance individuals making an active effort to improve their health in living with Hepatitis through reduced alcohol consumption, improved diet habits (e.g. less fatty foods), and continuous monitoring of symptoms and liver function readings. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind, if you desire to purchase an affordable health insurance, for your needs. Few of them, have been listed below. In the first place, the organization that you plan to buy the insurance from should be an experienced one. It should also have a good market reputation. This makes it easier for the clients, to repose their faith, in the organization. In order to trace the history of the organization, you can also have a talk, with the previous clients of the company, before purchasing a low cost health insurance from them. Last but not the least, the company should also be capable of providing is clients with customized solutions, for services such as health insurance for Cancer survivors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: