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He could watch "divination" and "see the future" Intro: now the watchmaker really more and more cattle, made of super complex watches can still help you make your decision! If you don’t know what to do, let you help you watch "Bu Gua". The number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content "prophecy" Richard Mille RM 69 Richard Mille RM erotic Tourbillon Tourbillon 69 erotic Richard Mille RM 69 erotic Tourbillon listen to the name you may feel "shy", actually this watch is in various matching interest expression, make the wearer feel interesting, even let people think. Press the small button watch the 10 o’clock position, the upper part of the three roller will randomly display a word, evening little sentiment, it is absolutely the occasion. Of course, this table is very complex features, coupled with the Richard Mille this special to play a variety of mechanical features of the brand, the price is quite natural. "Crystal ball" yakedeluo elegant 8- huazhiyun watch (Lady 8 Flower) yakedeluo elegant 8- huazhiyun watch (Lady 8 Flower) at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, yakedeluo offer brand new mechanical technology of automatic doll watches, new elegant 8- huazhiyun watch (Lady 8 Flower), classic the "8" shape design. Watch a show above the ring crafted in a lotus. Through the process of automatic Doll Magic, lotus will slowly show mysterious subtle buds or bright blooming lotus, which showed Oval Pink Sapphire. Flowers close natural wonders, such as magic trick magic show in front of. "Draw" the Swatch STGK101 Bunnysutra Swatch STGK101 watch Bunnysutra watch if you just see the dial on the rogue rabbit, then broken tyson. When you use the finger tapping on the dial, rotating the pointer will not rule, and then unified in a certain scale, will tell you tonight XXOO pose! Is not very interesting! Of course, this is because Swatch more than and 10 years ago in style, and so lovely, has simply not buy, as for the secondary market, the price is a lot more expensive than in the past, can not buy, you can only see the fate. (Editor: Sina lifestyle center Shang Huashuai)相关的主题文章: