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HDR in the end is what? Today, we come to talk about it since September to Tokyo, Japan to participate in the SONY BRAVIA TV activities, I have a question in mind. Why each of the technical innovation will lead to different standard format of the dispute, such as VHS and Betamax, HD DVD and Blu ray and TD-LTE, and LTE-FDD. People are always willing to create standards that are incompatible with each other, and then go to the market to test them, but as consumers we often do not get any benefit from it. At present, there are four kinds of standard HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and SL-HDR1, the first of the three most intense discussion. Most of the film and streaming media operators to support Dolby Vision and HDR10, and BBC, NHK as the representative of the TV station is chosen to stand on the side of HLG. Interestingly, Dolby, Vision and HDR10 belong to one principle began to appear rift, TV manufacturers stand is a scene of chaos. Dolby Vision, HDR10 full support, has made it clear that only supports HDR10 and does not support the Dolby Vision, a show is being staged. But this time we consumers can not stand out, any team, the format war does not exist. The only thing we want to know is why there are so many HDR standards, and what are the characteristics of these HDR standards? If you think "SONY Tokyo TV department full of dry cargo base within three hours" in this article to explain HDR is not comprehensive, so this will come to understand more deeply the HDR. First of all, do you really understand what HDR is? The word HDR tends to be abused. Photo has HDR, photography also has HDR, the video also has HDR, show also have HDR, that these HDR are referring to the same kind of technology? Not really. Equipped with the HDR mobile phone is a kind of multi frame synthesis technology, whether it is pictures or video or mobile phone in a frame and shoot a picture, and then use the algorithm to deal with the dark part of different picture synthesis together, to achieve and retain the high light and dark details to the details. This is in line with the purpose of HDR high dynamic range, but because of the artificial participation, the effect of different levels of cell phone is not homogeneous. And sometimes there is a problem of over correction and contrast. So strictly speaking, this kind of photo or video after HDR still belongs to the category of SDR. Based on multi frame synthesis of HDR photos, in fact, called tone mapping, then what is the real HDR? In terms of technical definition, HDR follow its own unique set of photoelectric conversion mechanism, that is, the conversion between optical signals and electrical signals. When we take pictures, we save the real scene with the digital signal as the photo. Obviously, the so-called HDR mobile phone camera is only a software processing, does not involve the conversion of light, so they do not.相关的主题文章: