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Hawaii so many islands, the love or the island – Sohu today to introduce the oldest tourist island of Hawaii – Kauai Kauai, as its name, is a very lovely island, the island is shaped like a piece of self growth of potatoes. It is also because it will, before the formation of a unique landscape different from other islands, some of the natural landscape is not accessible by car, the northwest part of the island is the steep cliffs and mountains, not like other islands as the island to play, but also a lot of places on the island no pathway, but never mind, the car not to place the total there are other ways. Want to know? Then follow the small series to see it. A good Napali Coast Napali, Napa coast coast is located in the northwest of Kauai, is unable to drive a place to visit, but there is a boat, kayak, helicopters available, physical quality is good, also can walk forward, to see the beauty of the absolute than the other way, is more difficult. The famous Kauai coastline, although not through the car, but it is necessary to develop other ways to play, it is really worth a visit. 27 kilometers along the coastline, you will see a steep cliff forest green cloud line, along the cliff slot turbulent waterfall. If it is by boat tour, also can bring a lot of snorkeling, a piece of bread, will be able to attract fish. The bursting of the luck, but also meets the sea elves — dolphin figure. Two, Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon is one of Kauai’s most famous attractions, Kauai is located in the west. Waimea is the "red water" in Hawaii, look down from a height, like a red river, this is a perennial rain mountain formed by the landscape, no wonder it is called the Oceania Colorado grand canyon. Unlike the Colorado Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon is not all red cliff is more black and red, and green vegetation attached, it is much more angry than. There are a number of viewing platform on the canyon, standing on the top, and the sky feels a lot of thick clouds floating in the head, it seems to reach out to catch clouds. At the same time there are many hiking paths in the canyon available closer to Waimea canyon. Seven Chau Reservation: Hawaii Kauai Waimea Canyon tour in Waimea Canyon near Waimea Town, there is one family popular hot dog shop, Xiao Bian strongly recommended pineapple sausage hot dog of his home, the taste is very unique, simple and delicious. Three, horn fountain Spouting Horn horn fountain is located on the south coast of the Kauai, black rock is formed by volcano lava, years of erosion by the waves, the formation of a special air waves, the water will eventually be produced out from the holes, so the effect of the fountain, the fountain and the island of Oahu the principle is the same. However, with the island of the fountain is different, the fountain horn more mysterious color. Legend here before live lizards will only eat a person, a brave man decided to challenge the lizard. During the battle, the guy in the sharp stick pierced lizard deleted相关的主题文章: