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Pets Got pets? Want pets? They truly are a joy and gift to any home! They fill the space with love, laughter and hopefully some good snuggles! Owning a pet, however, brings concerns of living healthfully in a household of mixed breeds’. Just like humans, pets have health issues, need proper hygiene, and require attention in all areas. Here are some helpful tips for common problems to keeping your home, family and furry friends happy and healthythe natural way! Fleas: Having a dog for 12 years, you can imagine all of the sprays, drops, pills and FLEAS we have had to deal with. I found a great natural spray that works well for maintanence around the home and on Mocha, plus, it’s safe for everyone! Combine: 1 part Lavendar Oil (about 15 drops) 1 part Tea Tree Oil (about 15 drops) 3 parts water (fill remaining small spray bottle full) Shake well, spray around the house, around the doors, and even directly on your pet! You can find pure essential oils at a health food store, or order on-line. This works equally as well as any flea collar. (Also, regularly shampooing your pet with a natural shampoo will help as well fleas love dander and oily skin!) Emotional Problems/Anxienty/Aggression Try Bach Flower Essences for pets! These flower essences can be added to their water or food, and used to help any emotional uneasiness! Whether you are relocating, vacuuming, or dealing with thunderstorms, most any animal lover knows that pets can freak-out just as often as their masters! Give em a handit’s safe and lots of people swear by these flower essences! Arthritis/Achy Joints Loss of mobility, inflammation and chronic pain can make the life of your pet less than stellar. Luckily, there are numerous natural products on the market (glucosamine, enzymes, sulpher products, shark cartilage and more) that can be a huge help for your pets comfort. Go to or .naturalpetmarket.. to check out some great options. There are even yummy treats that include these supplementsanimals always love a treat! About the Author: , featuring tips, info. and inspiration for happy, healthy, "real" living! A holistic health practitioner & entertainer, Leah covers topics from household help to relationships, diet to addictions..and pets! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: