Go deep into India and tell you what the real India food looks like mycoolboy

Deep in India, to tell you what the real India food long – Sohu travel to mention India, in addition to yoga, a lot of people first of all, it must be a curry. But in addition to curry, India food is a lot, of course, foreign and local food combination, to say it would not say three days and nights, but in fact do not necessarily meet the Chinese taste, but the key is to look at is very general, so it may not have the appetite. The purpose of this article is not to promote the India cuisine, but a brief introduction to some of the magic of the country’s food. Many a little high-grade restaurant dishes snacks, small onion, curry sauce and so on. Many Indians eat directly. Looks good, but tastes really heavy. The following is my favorite Kebab, in fact, this is a traditional dish in Turkey, but was improved in India. Not only have a barbecue, but also with a strong cheese flavor of rice, so that the population of three feet of water. This dish is called the Chicken biriyani, biriyani is also especially India fried rice, fragrant rice, one of India dishes is my favorite. Of course, this dish has also been improved. India fragrant rice taste source in many spices used, including cardamom, cinnamon, wasabi, coriander and mint leaves. In order to make the fragrant rice appear golden color, need to add curry. For non vegetarians, the main ingredients of the rice can be beef, chicken, lamb, goat meat and shrimp, and vegetarian India fragrant rice is also very popular. In North India, biriyani is a lot of people Home Dishes, a dish is also more common in many restaurants. The following figure is a kind of curry fried rice..biriyani. Is not to see domestic Fairwood like cafeteria rice almost… But the taste is really a lot worse, delicious! Curry is authentic. Curry is not a specialty of India, Southeast Asia curry, Japanese curry is also famous in the world. India curry is famous throughout the world, after all, is the originator of curry circle. The general impression of curry, many occasions will focus on India curry (India early and no so-called curry). We have this situation, India is actually all curry curry extension based on, if can make India curry, other types of curry just processing or conversion material. To curry in India, mostly refers to the gravy or sauce collocation a staple bread or Steamed Rice. In India, there are many spices, almost every family in the kitchen, but few people use curry powder, curry powder because mostly used to deliberately grinding. In addition, there is a very frequent use of seasonings, "garam masala", "Garam" means spicy, "masala" is the meaning of spices. This is the mango juice stall in the center of Delhi, and I’m bursting with any juice I’ve ever had. Tropical fruit and bang bang da! But look at the health of juicer, very India. Of course, like other big countries, there is a good western style restaurant in some big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. To share two breakfast plans. Remember.相关的主题文章: