Friendly recommendation Greek home court thus suggested Belarus – Sohu ravbin

Friendly recommendation: Greek home court thus suggested Belarus – Sohu 11-10 pack.rar 02:15 VS Greece Belarus first European football net 100 average odds: 1.713 3.255 5.468 0.74 1.14 Greece: Asia chupan hemisphere Belarus Greece maintained a winning streak in the last three games, the status quo is very good. Belarus in the last three games, only made a total of 2 flat and 1 negative results, the current downturn. The friendly match in the face of the current situation of good Greece, Belarus, I am afraid there is no resistance. Moreover, the two teams in the clash past, Greece has 1 to 0 victory over rivals, past performance is also not conducive to Belarus. The game data show that Asia chupan Greece let hemisphere low water by note, the disk trend obviously on the hanging wall of Greece to large data support, but the data is very optimistic about the visiting Belarus, after all, the overall strength of the two teams still exists a certain gap, and this service should not be overestimated. The first football network to provide 100 Europe 1.713 3.255 5.468 combinations showed that the main guest wins compensation value index differences still indicates that found a larger space, but the guest collocation high water level, the game is difficult to win space. Therefore, this game as a way to support Greece found. Cz100 recommended: Greek lottery single field recommendation: 3相关的主题文章: