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For the cold cold winter car less lead: so the autumn head also don’t go back, left shivering I no longer need to remind her, consciously find that carry off all that one has ever been present long johns…… (source: DNA.YOKA) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Beijing this October three degrees below zero temperatures is intolerable, the usual at this time can also enjoy the sun and warm, although there is still the sun, but the passion that has apparently been "little girl" La Nina to run. Perhaps you are not familiar with La Nina, but you must have heard of her predecessor – El nino. La Nina is usually 2 to 7 years time, and generally appearing in the El Nino after second years. The last El Nino occurred in 2015. Therefore, a variety of reports on the coldest winter on the overwhelming. Relative to the hot, it is easy for people to deal with the cold, nothing more than heating heating, dressing. And when we are actively preparing for the winter, you know the car will also experience "by the cold winter" in 30 years. Unlike humans, cars do not need to wear clothes, do not need heating, but that does not mean it does not need to prepare for the winter. Only the maintenance of intimate car in the cold before, it will maintain the "health" of the state in the harsh environment. The following small for everyone to talk before the winter how to care for their vehicles. The first thing to do is to replace or add antifreeze. Antifreeze is the full name of antifreeze coolant, which means antifreeze function of the cooling fluid, antifreeze can prevent cold water in the winter when the cooling liquid icing, and then split the radiator or the cylinder body of the engine. Outdoor air temperature is very low in winter, the vehicle would like to normal operation, there must be enough antifreeze, otherwise the tank is frozen, unable to cycle, the vehicle will be a failure. The second is to change the antifreeze glass water in advance. Winter temperatures below zero degrees, especially in the northern winter, sometimes dropping to ten degrees below zero, even more so in the northeast, 25 degrees below zero or minus 50 degrees to prevent water glass is very necessary. The front windshield washing in winter with a glass of water, a special glass of water will not be frozen in the wash, otherwise it will not only damage the wiper, the driver will also affect the line of sight. Also is to check whether the oil is enough. In order to ensure the normal operation of the car in winter, there is a "car blood," said the engine oil plays a great role, before the arrival of winter must carefully check whether the oil gauge is within the normal range. Then look at your car is to need to change the number of kilometers or time, in order to determine whether you need to replace the oil. To check the tire pressure is also in the range in winter than in summer, because the temperature will cause the tire due to thermal expansion and contraction, the winter after the vehicle tire often in a pneumatic state, here Xiaobian do not suggest that you will charge the tire pressure is too full, meet your car tire pressure to be. In the checked above need to check or replace the goods, you also need to prepare for the car a little snow shovel, it.相关的主题文章: