Feeling Guilty-remonstrate

UnCategorized Human as we are, we make mistakes. We hurt other people intentionally or unintentionally. We often fail to realize the importance of the people around us in our daily lives and quite often we feel guilty about it. We feel guilty for a lot of reasons. We may feel guilty towards our spouse. Failing to remember a special and memorable day when the other partner so prepared for it can cause feelings of shame and remorse. We may feel guilty towards our children. We may have promised our kid to attend one of the most important up.ing soccer games he has but then an emergency meeting was called at work which we cannot escape from. Our child feels unloved and we feel so depressed knowing that there is nothing we could do to replace the importance of our presence during his game. We may feel guilty towards a family member. We may have rejected calls and invites from our mother who just misses our .pany and would once in a while want to be visited because she feels alone and lonely. We may feel guilty towards our friends. We may not have been there during the times when she had a problem and needed a shoulder to cry on. We may feel guilty towards ourselves. We may not have believed in our abilities. We may not have given ourselves the chance to try or explore the possibilities that await us. We may have felt that we are nothing .pared to other people. Guilt usually begins to build up inside us especially when we feel that we have .mitted something wrong. The guilt feeling serves as our watchdog to somehow tell us if we have hurt other people as well as to remind us to make amends and correct our mistakes. In my own opinion, what’s more important is the fact that we acknowledged our mistakes after feeling guilty and work on ways to apologize as well as make up for what we may have done. Life is a matter of setting priorities. It is important to note that while one tries to, we cannot please everybody and we make mistakes along the way. Of course, try to avoid .mitting the same mistake over and over again. Make the right choices and learn to appreciate the people as well as the circumstances that have brought you to where you are right now and have somehow shaped you to who you are today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: