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Equity fund issue is still bleak only reluctantly set up Chinese fund fund newspaper reporter Li Husheng monkey in the first week, A shares rebounded nearly 100 points, originally intended to see fund companies started to get excited and low risk return has been unable to meet their needs, fund companies play rights products banner. But for the depressed market, it is too early to launch equity products. Although there have been some improvements, but now the rights and interests of products is still difficult to send." A fund company in Shanghai marketing department said. According to the reports, from the channel feedback situation, investors in the high risk aversion products still failed to calm down, low risk products such as the capital preservation fund is more welcomed by the investors in actual sales. Data show that currently has 41 Fund (A, class B separately) are issued, including pure equity funds of only 5, even less than half with flexible configuration funds. Some fund managers believe that the current market is in the recovery stage, at this time the establishment of equity products will be Jiancang opportunity. But there are also many fund managers pointed out that the market in 2016 is still dominated by shocks, strategy will emphasize bottom-up, good defense. For equity funds, good sales timing has yet to come. Data show that in January 17 Fund announced the extension of recruitment, 12 of which only partial shares of the fund since February; also including INVESCO the Great Wall environmental advantages, a long letter, the western industry profits Litai theme selection, central master new normal funds have announced the extension of recruitment time. For the fund company, this situation seems to have been expected. "Rights and interests of products in the distribution channels of resistance, not only investors do not buy it, the channel is not willing to sell." Shanghai Branch of a fund company said. A stock fund that was set up in the years to come was stranded." Reporters learned that the current rights and interests of the distribution is difficult to see the amount of funds only barely reach the establishment line. "Only a few million dollars a day, even in the last day of the sales force, is only to reach the threshold of 200 million yuan." These fund company channel department personage discloses. Data show that since the beginning of this year, to raise the scale of 12 fund are guaranteed by the fund, only the eastern red Ruixuan deep Shanghai and Hong Kong a flexible allocation fund first raised the scale of more than 1 billion yuan, clay innovation reform bonus even raised 109 million yuan. In addition, the efficiency of the new fund also shows the plight of the partial stock fund. More and more time to raise the capital preservation fund short, yifangda preservation one and South Yi and guaranteed even one day sold out, while the partial stock funds subscription period is about 20 days, a day to raise the share of less than 10 million copies. Disclosed by a medium-sized fund company in Shanghai, the company has decided to postpone the issuance of equity products. "Equity fund approval process is very short, but fund companies more or less have some documents in hand, then issued new fund to be stable after the market is a good strategy." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

权益类基金发行依旧惨淡 多只基金勉强成立   中国基金报记者 李沪生   猴年首周,A股反弹近100点,原本打算观望的基金公司开始兴奋,而低风险收益产品已不能满足他们的需求,基金公司打出权益类产品的旗帜。但对于低迷的市场来说,此时推出权益类产品还为时过早。   “虽然已有了一些好转,但现在权益类产品依然很难发。”沪上某基金公司市场部人士表示。据其透露,从渠道方面反馈的情况来看,投资者对高风险产品的厌恶依然未能平复,保本基金等低风险产品在实际销售中更受投资者欢迎。   数据显示,目前有41只基金(A、B类分开计算)正在发行,其中纯股票型基金仅有5只,即使加上灵活配置型基金也不到一半。   有基金经理认为,目前市场已处于复苏阶段,此时成立权益类产品将会获得建仓良机。但也有多名基金经理指出,2016年的市场仍以震荡为主,策略上将强调自下而上,做好防守。   对于权益类基金来说,好的销售时机尚未到来。数据显示,1月份有17只基金公告延长募集期,其中12只为偏股基金;2月份以来也有包括景顺长城环保优势、长信利泰、西部利得行业主题优选、中欧明睿新常态等基金纷纷宣布延长募集时间。   对于基金公司来说,这样的情况似乎已在预料之中。“权益类产品在发行渠道的阻力较大,不光投资者不买账,渠道也不愿意代销。”沪上某基金公司渠道部人士表示。“原本年后要成立的一只股票型基金也就此搁浅。”记者了解到,目前权益类的发行难以见量,多只基金仅勉强达到成立线。“每天只有数百万的量,即使在销售期的最后一天发力,也仅仅是达到2亿元的门槛。”上述基金公司渠道部人士透露。   数据显示,今年以来,募集规模靠前的12只基金均为保本基金,仅有东方红睿轩沪港深一只灵活配置基金首募规模超过10亿元,红土创新改革红利甚至仅募集了1.09亿元。   此外,新基金的发行效率也显示出偏股型基金的困境。保本基金的募集时间越来越短,易方达保本一号和南方益和保本甚至一日售罄,而偏股型基金的认购期均在20天左右,每日募集份额仅有不到1000万份。   沪上某中型基金公司人士透露,公司已决定暂缓权益类产品的发行。“权益类基金的审批流程很短,而且基金公司或多或少已有一些批文在手,待市场稳定后再发新基金是较好的策略。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: