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E-House announced the completion of the privatization of   Hengda Vanke and other 16 enterprises and investment institutions — real estate shares — people.com.cn original title: E-House announced the completion of the privatization in August 28th Hengda Vanke and other 16 enterprises and investment institutions, as in the 16 anniversary celebration of the Yi Chinese, announced the completion of the privatization, E-House’s marketing services group and Yi CRIC information group merged "(China) Yi group". At the same time, Vanke, Hengda, Yunfeng led the 16 hundred enterprises and professional investment institutions in the new shares. To shares Hengda, including Vanke, Xinghewan, decimating, SUNAC, agile, Xu Hui, Sun City, Jianye, forte, Baolong, Zhengrong, rosan 13 hundred housing prices, and 3 professional investment institutions – Yunfeng fund, GGV capital, Shanghai rock investment at the same time, the 16 companies E-House also reached a strategic cooperation. In addition, Xia Haijun, Yu Liang, Yu Feng, Li Sze Lim, Sun Hongbin, Cao Guowei, Guo Guangchang, Shen Napeng, Zhuo Fumin, Chen Zhuolin, Lin, Lin Tengjiao and other chiefs also unveiled cooperation ceremony, gathered in the real estate market service, together to explore and build real estate era new heights. The chairman of the board of directors of CEO Chinese Yi Zhou Xin said at the scene: "as the real estate industry China service, China Yi is proud to be a link, the 16 ultra high market value of enterprises together, for China real estate service industry common future." It is reported that 16 enterprises collective shares (China) group, E-House aims to become a big data real estate transaction service providers based on China leading by a Chinese, E-House founder Yu progenitor as CEO. The new company will fully integrate the new premises marketing agents, real estate data and second-hand housing transaction services business, through complementary advantages and integration of resources in the field of real estate transactions to produce greater synergies. But in the China after 16 years of development, from the real estate agency in 2000 a single, continuous derivation, differentiation, integration and gradually grow into the circulation service leader. In the "real estate +" strategy under the guidance of Yi and give full play to their service ability and integration ability, and accelerate the expansion of the areas covered are superimposed on each other, to 2016 strong trigger service fission, upgrade to "Yi service" strategy. Which innovation service for energy source, the construction of real estate transactions, community life, financial investment, cultural industry of the four service system, the real estate transaction services from E-House marketing, CRIC, Locke, real friends, real estate based on data integration services through online and offline, covering the increment and stock market the life of the community; services consist of affordable, clock classrooms, rob foreman, Xiangyang hospital, dedicated to "100 square meters and the last 100 meters" affordable community model, and covering education, decoration, pension services; a financial investment service by send huge investment and real gold, connected with the high net worth population through real investment real estate projects, provide professional third party financial services; cultural industry service by Chinese, Tai Li Tuo, a treasure trove of real estate will take a library, culture and art of the perfect grafting. Prior to April 15th, E-House China announced that the company will "privatization" merger)相关的主题文章: