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School report GMO detection center Dr. fraud agencies involved response – Sohu news @ Beijing youth daily official September 19th micro-blog news, recently, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences School of Dr. Wei Jingliang issued a national testing center of genetically modified real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing fraud, saying he should get a doctorate in July next year, but has now dropped out. Drop out of the doctor to report the detection of genetically modified centers Wei Jingliang said that he was in the country where the center of the existence of genetically modified detection of large-scale "rush to work" type of file fraud. Said Wei Jingliang, who participated in the "fraud" in its under the guidance of instructors, including the preparation, revision and learning made up of quality system documents, and even personnel appointment examination papers are unified copy and correction. Wei Jingliang told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, he was the real name of the Department, will bear all the legal responsibility for their remarks. Wei Jingliang offers 360 megabytes of documents, including the "fake" electronic version of the "fraud" of the more than and 30 projects he is responsible for. However, due to the content of the relevant documents more and more professional, fraud is still pending further investigation. Wei Jingliang released the contents of the report was forwarded on the Internet a lot. The national transgenic Testing Center staff responded that the afternoon of September 19th, the center had been informed of the matter, but because the contents of the report related to the content of the complex, after the investigation to the test center will be given within two days of that. Wei Jingliang: I support the transgenic technology相关的主题文章: