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Internet-Marketing Do you have an affiliate or do you know what one is? Did you know that affiliates are crucial for internet .merce? Well, they are and here is why. Affiliates are websites that latch onto other websites. To be more precise, an affiliate website is a website that usually has some informational content and usually looks for an online store that sells items which are relevant to the content that is on that affiliate site. The way this system works is that you form a partnership with your affiliate and agree to pay your affiliate a small percentage for every sale you make from that affiliates viewers. This works out good for both you and your affiliate. Now you might have the question about what relevant content is. Simple. Suppose you are selling running shoes and other equipment for serious runners. Well, you need to find an affiliate site that has informational articles about running and tips on running or sites for runners. When you strike up a deal with that type of affiliate site, you can have your banner on that site and draw buyers to your site. In return, your affiliate earns a .mission from all sales that your affiliate readers make on your site. If you are a neophyte to the online marketplace, you might find out quickly that finding the right affiliate for your site can be a daunting, if not an impossible job to do on your own. You have probably been turned down many times and are frustrated or disheartened, but dont get discouraged. If you find the right resources, you can find affiliates who will be long term partners and have good working relationships with them. Guess what! There is a service out there that is good for both the seasoned online retailer and for the novice, who is just getting his feet wet. This is not only a service, but it also has affiliate software that can help both the veteran and the apprentice with all their affiliate needs. Other services that Affiliaterunner.. provides is affiliate recruiting for those who have trouble recruiting affiliates. That means that all you novices out there have someone who can do the hard work for you. Affiliaterunner.. also answers all the possible questions that your associates might have. Furthermore, Affiliaterunner.. can both admit affiliates or reject them according to your needs and guidelines. Other services that Affiliaterunner.. has to offer include designing your banners that can be placed on your affiliate sites. There is a fee for this, a modest $20. Furthermore, the affiliate tracking software that Affiliaterunner.. has to offer can track all your affiliate traffic and your pay per sale, lead, or click. Furthermore, with affiliaterunner.. you can pay for great performance and paying your affiliates through Affiliaterunner..s services, you can rest assured that Affiliaterunner.. acts as an independent arbitrator so both you and your affiliate are certain that the deal is honest. Your affiliate gets the right profits from sales and you dont have to worry about over paying or under paying your affiliates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: