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Sales-Management A recent report published in a New York journal has listed the leading enterprises of the past three years. While the enterprises belong to different sectors, one common factor that binds them together is a strong customer retention service. All these enterprises have shown a remarkable stand on customer-related issues which have indeed enabled them to achieve a cent percent customer satisfaction rate. Based on the report, many business experts have concluded customer service as the key to long term profit and sustainability. According to one of the business columnists, the fundamentals of the corporate world are constantly evolving, and keeping in mind the present scenario customer service is ruling the success meter of businesses. Enterprises that are good at customer relations inconceivably have a leading edge to their competitors and the report has substantiated this further. The importance of customer service is a well-known fact. This is precisely why that today one can see both large and small enterprises incorporating customer relations as a part of their strategy. However, planning for an improved customer strategy and actually accomplishing it through effective steps are two different things altogether. This is actually where the line of success and failure lies. According to a survey conducted over a few companies in UK, 60% of them restricted their customer service actions to the planning stage. The actual establishment and implementation was not done. In fact, the ones who did implemented customer service actions did it the wrong way. They limited customer satisfaction to an up-sell. To develop a strong customer service strategy, an enterprise first needs to get a few basic facts correct. Customer service primarily stands for customer retention. While new customer acquisition is a part of this strategy, the main focus is on how to retain the existing customers. The reason for such an attitude is the expense factor – Acquiring a new customer is seven times more expensive than retaining the existing customer. 3 goals to a successful customer retention strategy According to a leading customer consultant, an enterprise can establish a high customer retention rate by following three pointers. Read further we discuss these pointers in details: 1. Patient attitude: Till a few years back, most companies functioned on a deal strategy . Their priorities were to close as many deals as possible without caring much about the after-sales service. However, today, the scenario has changed drastically. Today, a company looking for long term sustainability needs to focus on cultivating relationships with the customers. As a customer consultant puts it Today a company cannot think like a salesman. Business entrepreneurs need to train their team professionals to think beyond the closing stage of a deal, in order to experience long term association of customers. 2. Say no to oversell: Often enterprises tend to overpromise on their products/services. Experts recommend that instead of overselling, endeavor should be made to just suggest the product to the customer. Companies need to understand that today the customers can spot the difference between selling and overselling. Consequently most customers do not like dealing with a company that is driven towards forced promotion. 3. Treat your customers with the best: A company that offers best products/services to its customers never face customer deflection; reason the customers develop high expectations which becomes difficult to be met by the competitors. In regards to this context, experts recommend companies to opt for customer-oriented tools such as Cloud based CRM . Cloud CRM solutions help a company understand, anticipate, analyze and manage customers anytime anywhere. Inevitably, it becomes easy for the company to improve the customer-facing process and offer fast and effective solutions to customers all across. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: