Cruise companies prohibit passengers from using Samsung Galaxy note 7

Cruise companies to prohibit the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note is being recalled, and restart the sale of Galaxy Note 7 in a number of countries. Europe will be on sale in October 28th, and several major vendors in the United States have started in the online sales of Note 7 Galaxy. Samsung has announced the recall before the completion of the replacement of the majority of defective phones, said the problem has been solved battery, the new security machine without any security risks. However, several major cruise companies still prohibit passengers on board the use of Galaxy Note 7. A number of cruise passengers are prohibited from using the Samsung Galaxy Note more than and 7 cruise companies prohibit passengers from using Samsung Galaxy Note more than and 7 cruise company announced on the Internet, asked the passengers aboard after their Galaxy Note 7 off, avoid accidentally caused an explosion or fire accident. I do not know how long this ban will last, probably until the official announcement of the end of the replacement of the safety machine activities. South Korea’s Samsung Corp Note7 said the battery problem has been resolved, security will not Note7 security risks, but recently there have been reports of explosion accident of Note7 security machine, said in a plane is about to take off, a replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 security machine explosion, CPSC is investigating Samsung said the accident is still unable to confirm whether the accident is Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone security.相关的主题文章: