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Blogging-Rss So you are thinking of starting your blog and are overwhelmed with the numerous options on the web? You ought to be indeed, but there is nothing to stress about. To make your own blog you just have to have the right ingredients at hand and there you have it. Blogging can be used a as a pastime or as a money making source. Oh yes, you can make money by blogging too. Here you will get to know about the basics of how to create your own blog. To make your own blog, the first step is to choose the host website. There are many platforms that offer free membership. All they require is your name, username, email and a password. On registering, they send you a link at your email and on clicking on the link your blog is activated. You get a virtual tour of the essential features like uploading images and videos, writing and editing posts etc. To create your own blog on a paid website you need to pay a fee per year for your domain. Once you have decided on your host site you got to think of a short, unique and catchy domain name which will be a part of your URL to make your own blog. To create your own blog on a free site takes few minutes but doing so on a paid site requires your time and attention. Look for a site that provides you with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Some even have a payback policy so you can delete your blog anytime you like.. Next, you need to think of what you are going to write about. The topic of your blog is the main attraction. You can write something that you are passionate about like playing a musical instrument, cooking, make up or share your experience of a memorable trip or help others over.e a dire time if you have gone through the same. To make your own blog a readers favorite, you need to keep the tone informal. In this way your readers will be able to relate to your writing and form a connection or bond with you. When you create your own blog choose topics over which you have substantial expertise. Being unique is the key to set you apart. Most people think that blogging is way of self-promotion which is severely wrong. Blogging is sharing. You form a bond and find a .mon ground to talk about. Relations need time and consistency to flourish. To make you own blog a part of someones life, you need to be regular. If not daily, do write something weekly. A periodic appearance will keep you on your toes and prevent your blog from slipping down. To create your own blog popularity, you need to be in news and in the beginning of web searches. Paid sites provide good search engine optimization results for your blog. However, if you are on a free site, you can achieve this by using online tools etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: