Cotton market is easy to fall or difficult to rise is still a high probability event! e2140

Cotton market is easy to fall or difficult to rise is still a high probability event! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Domestic cotton market opening this year has the following characteristics: one is the last year, cottonseed prices continued to go up and finally up, this year the main producing areas of new seed prices are obviously higher, according to the author’s investigation, this year, the main producing areas of new domestic cotton enjoys a price higher than last year nearly two yuan 0.4-0.45 kg; for cottonseed prices high but, the lower reaches of the main cotton by-product of long-term contradictions facing weak demand, the poor performance of terminal market, many cottonseed crushing losses situation is difficult to reverse, around the factory and market trader is extremely cautious, wait-and-see hesitate unabated, although in September the procurement information continues to increase, but the actual acquisition has not been peatlands, cottonseed processing market stalemate the three is to start the market buying and selling cotton; significantly slower. In addition to the downstream cotton by-product of lack of support, poor oil procurement, affected this year and bank deferred state reserve cotton cast storage, cotton yield decreased significantly, the mainland cotton Xinjiang listed on the time delay cotton related lending lag and other factors, in September the domestic cotton ginning factory boot processing, cottonseed producing limited and production is not stable. Later, domestic cotton or slow weakening. The main reason of cottonseed price weakness is as follows: first, the current downstream cotton by-products in the overall annual highs late on cottonseed support has been very limited market; two is in recent years the factory is small in scale, operating difficulties to lose a stronger basis cottonseed market; three is the futures cash market for cotton ginning factory and sale volume the acquisition. October is the acquisition of domestic cotton picking peak, especially the Xinjiang cotton picker machine on the market, the market supply even blowout of cottonseed, cottonseed according to price increments is a high probability event. In September, the mainland market for a season of cottonseed oil out basic digestion, new season oil production overall situation is not optimistic, still difficult to cottonseed oil output volume, the overall market performance is very strong. According to this understanding, this Southern cotton factory three cottonseed oil pre overall price higher than last year nearly 1000 yuan, at the same time by the Xinjiang oil refinery operation rate rise lag effect, September Xinjiang cotton decline is over the minimum. Later, the domestic cotton market or easy or hard up, slowly weakening. The analysis of dominant negative factors are: cottonseed oil market was October with a seasonal increase in the supply of domestic cottonseed, cottonseed oil plant operation rate of the overall recovery is an inevitable event, the overall recovery rate of oil refinery operation, the cottonseed oil prices directly facing the risk of price increments; two is a stop at the end of September, the new season of cottonseed oil prices as a whole still in the annual high, although September beans palm oil prices once the strong rebound, but the refinery and the end consumer market for cotton plant tentatively ascribed to offer do not buy it, the final price of cottonseed oil more failed to get the actual transaction support, long-term weak demand and shrinking of the market are to make the current energy prices continue to cotton on the market market failure. The decline is expected to continue to strengthen. The author is expected to post cottonseed oil prices or will be in its season jiadie changing rules under the guidance of easy or hard up, at the same time by various internal and external market theory相关的主题文章: