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If you are in search of a place that is inexpensive, yet has all the modern facilities, then Costa Rica can be a dream-come-true for people from all walks of life. Often we hear that folks are caught in a dilemma regarding which other country to move to in retirement years. Understandably, because it is not an easy task to relocate and more so if it’s for the rest of your life. In that case, the place needs to be inexpensive, developed and must have a lot of choices regarding shelter. Central America entices many people headed towards retirement, but many countries lack proper infrastructure. Neighboring countries to Costa Rica are less expensive, but in exchange are the losses in personal safety, political disturbances and overall environment. That leaves only Costa Rica as the most suitable country for relocating in Latin America. The facilities in the country make for an overall good lifestyle considering the availability of modern-day necessities, a good climate and a peaceful environment. Statistics show that Costa Rica is the place that brings all of the above-mentioned criteria under one roof. There are more Americans per capita than any other country outside the United States. Famous for its perennial good weather, friendly people, political harmony and absence of serious or violent crimes, Costa Rica is truly a unique, tropical paradise. This makes its neighboring countries like Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua fall short in the overall quality of life. The capitol city of San Jose in Costa Rica has been rated as the city with one of the lowest cost of living in the whole world. This cosmopolitan place is filled with eateries, archaic museums and vibrant marketplaces. Maid service, utility services like electricity, telephone, water, etc. and transport expenditure are all quite reasonable here. If that is not enough, you can always visit Mercado Central, a place well known for beautiful leather stuff, meat at low cost and even real turkeys. Costa Rica is modern not only in terms of the availability of food and necessary items, but has also a well-connected network for transportation. In Costa Rica, you will notice that gasoline is relatively cheap although ironically cars are quite expensive. Daily expenditures such as food, education and entertainment are extremely reasonable. Living in Costa Rica is so cheap that you can survive each day with just $40 in hand. Retirees can get by on $900.00 to $1,200.00 USD per month while $2,000.00 put you in the affluent range. Places like Atenas and San Jose offers beautiful bungalows that make you feel at home with their pool area, living room, outdoor barbeque, patio, dinning area, kitchen and cozy bedrooms. They are placed in such a position that they provide you with a panoramic view of the area. Thus, if you want to remain as comfortable as you are in your home, and at the same time make sure that it is an inexpensive place, then Costa Rica is the best destination. In conclusion, for those who are looking for a place that’s inexpensive but don’t want to go to a country that’s so undeveloped that they won’t have any of the conveniences of home will find this country an appropriate destination. Thanks to the inexpensive medical care and low-priced housing facilities along with personal safety and zero-political hassles Costa Rica provides every immigrant a fresh lease on life. By David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing About the Author: Costa Vista Land is "developing paradise"’ in Costa Rica The company buys raw land in large quantities after they have thoroughly surveyed and researched all details. Because of this, Costa Vista Land acquires their properties at discount prices and develops them in less than 18 months. This unique program allows you to obtain developed land at undeveloped prices and that is why company President, Brad Hogan says, We are an investment company first and a land sale company second." Parcel choices range from valleys to mountains, to beautiful coastline property. This lucrative program comes with 100% money back guarantee. Visit Costa Rica, stand on your property and see the beautiful country you have i Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Real-Estate 相关的主题文章: