College entrance examination voluntary selection of professional guidance the top ten major

College entrance examination professional selection guide: the most popular professional ten according to preliminary statistics, the country has 678 undergraduate colleges, more than and 340 professional open 10, according to a number of schools offering professional, English is the creation of the most professional, a total of 554 schools; the computer came in second, there are 526 schools law; third, there are 407 schools of international economy and trade; fourth, 384 colleges and universities opened; art design fifth, 382 colleges and universities opened; accounting for sixth, 382 colleges and universities opened seventh; information and computing science, 370 colleges and universities opened; electronic and Information Engineering eighth, 367 Colleges and universities opened; marketing ninth, 361 colleges and universities opened; Business Administration tenth, 356 colleges and universities opened. A professional training target, in addition to English: English majored college level, strengthen learning and English interpretation and translation ability of the training, can use English as a general communication tool, has a high level of translation. Main courses: Basic English, intermediate English, advanced English, English grammar, English literature, Britain and American culture, English writing, translation and interpreting, linguistics, English newspapers, high grade reading, English movies, Shakespeare opened the Anglo American news media, English speech skills. Employment destination: national government departments, domestic and foreign education, business, business, news and media organizations and institutions in china. Two, computer professional training objectives: the professional training in computer software, hardware and application systems research, design, development, application and teaching of senior professionals. Comprehensive knowledge of students after graduation with computer hardware and software, and master the basic methods and skills of computer application, has the ability to solve practical problems and innovation ability. Main courses: electronic technology, discrete mathematics, program design, data structure, operating system, computer principle, computer systems, computer architecture, compiler principle, computer network, database system, software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, digital image processing, computer communication principle, multimedia information processing technology, digital signal processing, computer control, network computing, algorithm design and analysis, information security, application of cryptography, information warfare, mobile computing, number theory and finite domain basis and human machine interface design, object-oriented programming. Employment direction: government departments, large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions of higher learning, research institutions, financial and insurance industry, wholly owned and joint ventures and other units. Three, law professional training objectives: training system master legal knowledge, familiar with Chinese laws and policies, the state organs, enterprises and institutions and social groups, especially senior professionals engaged in legal work in the legislative and administrative organs, procuratorial organs, judicial organs and arbitration institutions and legal services. Main courses: jurisprudence, Chinese legal history, constitution, civil law, commercial law, economic law, criminal law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, administrative law and administrative procedure law, intellectual property law:相关的主题文章: