Circle of friends pass 3 men robbed 3 child rumor Man 3 girls cry cashmere mafia

Circle of friends pass "3 men robbed 3 children" rumor: man cry 3 girls contemporary life daily news (reporter Intern Liang Qiansheng       Wei Yusha) the evening of September 22nd, a lot of people in Nanning’s WeChat circle of friends, parents group, has forwarded a message to grab the child, the specific content is this: "today, about 6:30 in the afternoon, 3 suspects arrested in our school 3 students, and 3 suspects have been caught by the police. Parents are told to meet students on time after school, so that students can not go home by themselves." Soon, the news spread quickly on the local network, a jittery time. What is the truth of child snatching? In September 23rd, the reporter went to the police station to understand the situation akihide. The police Huang Yu at the time of the incident just passing the primary school tomorrow, he accepted an interview with reporters, and introduces the specific things through — 22 in the afternoon at 6:30 pm, located in Anyang Road business meeting tomorrow Road near the school, a bearded man, see 3 of the first grade girl, very cute, went to talk to 3 people, claiming to have good stuff on the body, want to give the children to eat. The 3 girls saw that the strange man looked frightening and burst into tears. At this time, there are just other parents pass, hear the child crying to come over to see. In the absence of a detailed understanding of the situation, he thought that the beard man is in the snatch child, very excited to kick the man’s feet. This scene quickly attracted more passers-by, parents of onlookers, the scene finally gathered about 200 people stop, talking about. Police arrived after receiving the alarm, bring the two parties back to the police station to understand the situation. In fact, the 3 girls had verbal communication with the bearded man, without physical contact. The reporter saw through the online video, the bearded man wears beards, wearing a top hat old ball, a mast of the sportswear, the image is indeed evil. After understanding, beard male from Gansu, this year about 40 years old, unemployed, no abnormal spirit, and no criminal record, after the police education released. The police warned the police pointed out that parents, every home with children who hear this kind of thing will be particularly tense, but parents should learn to distinguish between true and false information. Incident without the police involved in the investigation, it is often difficult to draw the truth and the final conclusion, we should not blindly forwarding or listen to false information, to prevent erroneous, adverse effects. In addition, the police reminded, parents usually must educate children, out of the room to prevent strangers accosted: 1. Don’t eat food or drink from strangers; don’t accept gifts or toys from strangers; 2. When you meet with strangers, ask for help from adults in time; 3. Don’t walk with strangers; 4. Remember stranger’s character, clothing and vehicle number; 5. If a stranger claiming to be friends of my parents, and parents should promptly call the telephone contact to confirm, if the answer is negative, in a timely manner to the police to provide clues to the police; 6. Together with the parents separated when travel,. 朋友圈传“有3个人抢3小孩” 辟谣:男子吓哭3名女孩   当代生活报讯(记者 梁乾胜 实习生 韦玉厦)9月22日晚上,很多南宁人的微信朋友圈、家长群里,都在转发一条抢小孩的消息,具体内容是这样的:“今天下午6点半左右,有3个犯罪嫌疑人抓我们学校的3个学生,后来3个犯罪嫌疑人被警察抓到了。大家通知家长们,放学后一定要按时来接学生,不能让学生自己回家。”很快,这条消息就在本地网络上迅速传开,一时间人心惶惶。到底抢小孩事件的真相是什么?9月23日,记者来到明秀派出所了解情况。   该所民警黄羽在事发时刚好路过明天小学,他接受了记者的采访,并介绍了事情的具体经过――   22日下午6时30分许,在位于安阳路大商汇路段的明天学校附近,有一个留着胡子的男子,看到3名一年级的小女生,觉得很可爱,便上前和3人聊天,自称身上有好东西,想给孩子们吃。3个女孩看到这名陌生男子长相吓人,一下子就大哭起来。此时刚好有其他家长经过,听到孩子的哭声就过来查看。在没有详细了解事情经过的情况下,他以为胡须男是在抢小孩,就十分激动地踹了该男子两脚。这一幕很快引来了更多路人、家长的围观,现场最后聚集了约200人驻足,议论纷纷。   民警接到报警后赶到,把涉事双方带回派出所了解情况。真实情况是,3个女孩与胡须男只有语言上的交流,没有发生肢体接触。记者通过网上视频看到,这名胡须男留着满脸的络腮胡,戴着顶旧球帽,身着肥大的运动服,形象确实显得凶恶。经了解,胡须男来自甘肃,今年约40岁,无业,精神无异常,也没有犯罪前科,经民警教育后放行。   警方提醒   民警指出,天下父母心,但凡家里有孩子的人听到这类事情都会特别紧张,但是,家长也应该学会分辨信息的真假。一起事件未经警方介入调查,往往很难得出最后的真相与结论,大家最好不要盲目转发或听信不实信息,以防以讹传讹,造成不良影响。此外,民警特别提醒,家长平时一定要教育好孩子,出门在外防范好搭讪的陌生人:   1。不要吃陌生人给的食物、饮料,不要接受陌生人赠予的礼物、玩具;   2。遇到陌生人纠缠的时候,及时向大人求助;   3。不要和陌生人同行;   4。记住陌生人的特征、衣着及车辆号码;   5。如果陌生人自称是父母的朋友,要及时拨打电话和父母联系确认,如果答案是否定的,要及时报警向警察叔叔提供线索;   6。与父母一同出行走散时,不要听信陌生人的话,要立即向警察叔叔求助寻找父母;   7。当有陌生人提出用汽车或电单车带你回家时,要婉言拒绝。相关的主题文章: