China’s well-known brands have military background has been due to insufficient orders trapped 高达08ms小队

China these well-known brands have had a military background due to lack of orders in trouble data figure: red flag -9 air defense missile system model FD-2000 the successful bidder for the Turkey purchase of foreign trade. Original title: Chinese these well-known brand was once because of a shortage of orders in the military background of the dilemma of Sichuan Mianyang: military technology to achieve "mutual feeding" to the depth of integration of the last century at the end of 80s, "Changhong" from a mysterious military enterprises become the national famous brand color tv. Today, Sichuan Changhong will be included in one of the three main military enterprises, technologically advanced enterprises for many years in the development of civilian accumulation is successfully applied to the military. Military and civilian technology "mutual feeding" has become a magic weapon of Changhong’s survival. It is located in Sichuan, Mianyang, also promote the integration of military and civilian depth through a variety of forms, so that military and civilian science and technology exchanges and mutual integration, out of a distinctive comprehensive innovation and reform of the road test. The middle of the last century, Changhong, Jiuzhou and a number of large military enterprises began to deploy in Mianyang. After the start of the three line construction, a number of key national defense research institutes have been settled. But since then, with the shift of the national strategic focus, the sharp decline in orders for military units, often with thousands of employees of the factory, only a few hundred dollars a year order task, workers face difficulties in life. Civil military integration has become an important basis for the development of Mianyang transformation. After a long period of practice, Mianyang has initially explored the rotation of the hospital discharge, military rotation, the joint transfer of hospital enterprises, private enterprises and other military integration mode. Last August, after Sichuan was included in the national innovation system to promote the comprehensive test area, Mianyang is on the integration of military and civilian pilot policy opportunities, mobilize all elements to set up the system of military service platform fusion depth. Over the past 1 years, Mianyang has established two research and development of the Mianyang Industrial Research Institute of military scientific research achievements; build a platform covering a number of research institutes and more than 1 thousand and 300 sets of large precision instruments and scientific research resources sharing; the integration of military and civilian transformation fund set up to a size of up to 2 billion yuan; the country of dual-use technology trading center officially inaugurated operations; the establishment of the civil military integration center for financial services…… Under the support of multiple policies, the integration of military and civilian in Mianyang. "A lot of military research institutes and enterprise technology, equipment and personnel into civilian areas, private enterprises play a leading role in supporting. At the same time, a lot of civilian technology, private enterprises’ army ‘, for large military enterprises supporting services." Sichuan province National Defense Science and engineering office director Xu state said. This two-way "feed each other" so many start-up technology small and medium-sized enterprise technology to enhance the fast lane. Mianyang Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a company committed to agricultural plant protection and protection of targeted new UAV research and development of science and technology start-ups, a national defense science and technology personnel technical guidance team is Mianyang China Aerodynamics Research and development center. At the same time, some large enterprises will seize the opportunity to "conversion". Jiuzhou Electric is a veteran of the Republic of China Army enterprises, was due to the production of TV antenna to receive "a wire support Jiuzhou" reputation. At present, Jiuzhou electric increased civilian military nurturing efforts in the formation of 9 series of civilian and military fields from 1 original to 8, the output value of enterprises from about 10000000000 yuan in 2010 jumped to"相关的主题文章: