By 930 yuan arrears abusive messages received did not stop lending platform flash silver apology

By 930 yuan arrears abusive messages received did not stop lending platform flash silver apology Phoenix technology news on November 24th news, recent media reports said a user from the Internet lending platform silver flash in borrowed 930 yuan, due to various reasons overdue, recently she found a variety of noisy source SMS constantly sent to her mobile phone friends above all, obscene, abusive words not fit to be seen. In the media interview, Beijing silver silver singular Technology Co., Ltd. denied that the message is entrusted to the third party company, and said it was unable to query Ms. Lu’s loan records. In this regard, lawyers believe that the message content has been suspected of illegal, can pursue its responsibility. Also mentioned in media reports, the Internet can be seen in a complaint platform, aiming at the flash of silver violent collection of dozens of complaints, were accused of "the flash of silver rush mouth shout" and "personal attacks" and "harassment" behavior. Today’s flash of silver on the matter to the Phoenix sent a statement in a statement said the silver flash incident to the company has stopped outsourcing collection, cooperation, and set up an investigation group to ensure the future no similar incidents. The following is the Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. silver flash singular statement text: Recently, the "Beijing morning news" reported by Ms. Lu silver flash APP lending 930 yuan overdue, received a short message collection company abuse, our conducted investigation and verification, the internal statement is as follows: 1, flash silver is the Internet credit evaluation platform. Ms. Lu is indeed in the flash of silver on the APP to the platform stationed funders to apply for the loan and overdue. After the occurrence of overdue, because of our own no lending and collection business, so according to the three party and our funders and the Internet platform collection protocol, the case will be entrusted to the outsourcing company collection. I am Secretary for the collection behavior, language specification has strict rules, no collection company on arrears of acrimony, but the company did not strictly enforce the provisions on the collection of silver flash, there are not regular behavior, said in the news text by the collection of employees with their personal mobile phone to send, not our official or our employees sent. 2, our company has been strongly opposed and condemned the improper collection of behavior, and called on the whole industry to resist, to purify the industry atmosphere. For the cooperative collection company improper collection, causing Ms. Lu and friends uneasy, our sincere apologies, and contact Ms. Lu and get the understanding; at present we have to immediately stop and the collection of companies, while the establishment of the investigation team, compliance is the collection of all sort of cooperation company the collection, operation if the content, if found any wrongdoing to immediately stop cooperation, to ensure that similar incidents will not happen in the future. 3, as a financial technology leader, silver flash always uphold the "honest and trustworthy, innovative" principle, provide large data credit evaluation services for tens of millions of users, through cooperation with a number of investors, from the traditional financial system to help the millions of users, small loan lending, silver will continue to adhere to the inclusive the concept of financial, technology innovation and financial innovation, constantly optimize the user experience. The problem of overdue and bad debts in the field of microfinance is a common problem faced by the whole industry. In order to the healthy development of the industry and the company’s own interests, flash silver will continue.相关的主题文章: