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Buy designer brand design hotel (original title: Eleven to-do list: buy designer brand design hotel) Introduction: Eleven is approaching, went to the circle of friends get together and show beauty, delicacy of season clothing. As you are wearing trendsetter to easy street explosion that Zhuangshan, taking pictures in the well known red net restaurant before? If you want to stand out in the circle of friends to attract points like countless, just a few simple designer single product, coupled with a full sense of the trend of the shape of the landmark to do the background, you can easily highlight the refreshing fashion DNA. (source: extravagance network Author: mairin) Shanghai fashionable Xinle Road: Shanghai road Xinle Road, formerly known as Henry, is a full of charm of old Shanghai streets in 30s. It is located in downtown Xuhui District, a city in the luxurious life exclusive a comfortable aristocratic style. Henry road is Shanghai 40s Fujiazidi the most fashionable communication places, now Xinle road has become the fashion of people the most respected land of idyllic beauty. Unlike the big buildings on Huaihai Road, Xinle road elementary gathers all kinds of designer brand stores and buyers shop, avant-garde, hippie, yuppie, street, there is always a can let you find their love. Many beautiful facade is hidden in the small shops or small houses, or hidden in the street under the tree, not only store the full flavor, this design selling clothes accessories could hide fashion sense, well-known designer niche brands all kinds of shopping malls to Amoy can be found here. You can use the fashion to arm yourself to the teeth. Shanghai fashionable settled Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund: walking in the forefront of fashion you how willing to mediocre? Only the clothing and jewelry designer, but not enough, oh, the hotel design Shanghai IN Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund is fashionable. Is located in the Huangpu River near the Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund is not only sitting on both sides of Pujiang traditional and modern storage and beautiful scenery, the hotel design is become an independent school blend of old and new Shanghai humanistic feelings, and the neighbor find everything fresh and new culture. Smart interesting local elements is designed in every corner of the hotel, only to be fashionable people to carefully explore the most authentic Shanghai style and modern cultural elements between adjacent full play. Enter the hotel lobby design, the beautiful scene vividly into the river and dock the two authentic Shanghai historical and cultural elements, showing a full of vitality and unlimited inspiration for the ultimate space. The retro rickshaw like the shuttle time, you can only call to Shanghai at the end of the lane departure. When you go through the lobby of Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund, which further, will see the amazing scene, designers will be a decommissioned Shanghai riverboat demolition, after cutting restructuring, hull fragments become embedded into the wall as a decoration, can touch Juan permanent memory. Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund room is fully interpreted the two words of fashion, in addition to luxury and comfort, the interior of each room furnishings and decoration are the most stylish self background. The room of the gray brick wall, a symbol of Shikumen building with.相关的主题文章: